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Trademark Registration in India

Trademark Registration in India

Want to make sure that your trademark is protected by the Indian government and recognized by the people of the country? Make sure that your register trademark in India. This way, you would be protected from any sort of infringer who tries to copy your beloved mark.

Mandatory Filing of DPT-3 – Do You Know It?

As per the latest ordnance by the MCA, there is Mandatory filing of DPT-3 by the companies that have taken money or deposits from 1st April 2014 to 22nd January 2019 and haven’t filed them as deposits.

How to Apply For a Patent Registration

Patent Breathes a new and legal life into the invention and makes it more valuable. However, how to apply for a patent? The process of patent registration is quite long but understandable. There are several legal requirements to this process and only patent registration experts are capable enough to assist you with this matter. Contact Registrationwala for your patent registration needs.

Want to know about How to File Form INC-20A

If you have registered your company on or after 2nd November 2018, you need to know how to file form INC-20A. Through this form, you are declaring the commencement of business in India. This form is shows that all the shareholders have paid their value in the initial capital required for the company.

Know Complete Detail about the Provisional Patent Cost India

If you have an invention that is not yet fully complete, but you still seek to protect its development, then you should know Provisional patent cost India. The cost itself is less.

ISO Certification Online Registration in India

Are you ready to level up your business? Through ISO certification, you can. Our team of business experts provide ISO certification services through online registration. You just keep some documents ready, leave the policy drafting and certification process to us. Rest assured, you will receive ISO certification before time.

Startup Business Ideas for Women in 2019

Are you a women entrepreneur? If you are, then there are many business ideas for you to learn about to grow your business. With these simple startup business ideas for women, you’ll be able to reach a level of independence and empowerment that was unreachable 10 years ago.

How can You Get Unified License in Telecom

Do you want to start your own ISP? Starting your own Internet Service is as ambitious as it’s complicated. You can do so easily if you know exactly how to apply for unified license in telecom. The process is simple to understand. However, when you put it into practice, be sure to reach out to our telecom experts who can advise you all the way to start your own ISP.

Easy Tips to Keep Stable Your Business During COVID-19

COVID-19 is the biggest challenge for any business. For you to survive this, you need to ensure that you are always ready and always on your customer's mind.

How to Start a Domestic call Center with OSP License

You can now start a domestic call center by only following a few steps. All you need is the application, fees and the right OSP consultant to help you.