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Headline for 10 health benefits of hitting the beach! – Beaches are good for fun and for your health!
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10 health benefits of hitting the beach! – Beaches are good for fun and for your health!

Beaches are an undeniable source of entertainment for people from all walks of life. In addition to being enjoyable here are 10 health benefits of hitting the beach.


Reduces stress

Reduces stress

The combination of the sound of the waves and the feeling of the sun rays hitting your body immediately triggers a hormone called serotonin that helps your body feel happy and relaxed. You forget your worries and stress and your body is liberated from your aches and pains. The calming effect of the waves is often used by sleep machines and the exposure to light is a remedy that doctors often prescribe to their patients to reduce stress and anxiety.


Improved sleeping patterns

A day at the beach helps eliminate 3 of the key causes of insomnia: hormonal imbalance, high anxiety and lack of physical exhaustion. Getting on to the beach immediately relaxes you and the act of even simply walking on the beach provides great physical activity. The sun rays also reduce your stress levels by regulating your hormone levels, making it easier to get a good night's sleep.


Improved immune system

Salt water has amazing antifungal and antibacterial properties that help heal external and internal infections. The iodine in the sea water help the actions of the thyroid gland, which help improve our immune systems.


Gives you the Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important part of your diet but drinking milk that is enriched with Vitamin D and consuming other food that has Vitamin D alone isn't enough to sustain your body's need for this vitamin. Spending 10 minutes under the sun, however, lets you absorb all the Vitamin D your body needs right through your skin.


Works wonders for your skin

The combination of sun rays and seawater work wonders to your skin. While the sea sand exfoliates your body by removing dead skin the bright sun rays detox your body by opening your pores and letting the salt water go in and remove toxins. The iodine in the sea water helps kill any fungi or bacteria on your skin. Make sure to wear enough sunscreen to ensure you don't get sunburned.


Get the exercise your body needs

Whether you want to get rid of those extra pounds, stay fit or blow off some steam the opportunities for physical activity on the beach are endless. You can engage in activities like surfboarding, kite surfing, snorkelling, beach tap rugger or even a brisk walk on the beach can provide you with all the physical activity you need, to burn those extra calories. Heritance Negombo which is a Negombo beach hotel, provides its guests with the opportunity to rent the required equipment for a nominal rate will be an accommodation option worth considering if you are planning for a beach vacation.


Water aerobics help lessen pain and inflammation

Water aerobics help lessen pain and inflammation

Elderly people who have undergone surgery recently and people with arthritis or joint pains will find water aerobics helpful as water offers a lot of resistance without applying any force due to the fact that your density is reduced by around 90% when you're submerged in seawater.


Breathe easier

People suffering from COPD and asthma will find it easier to breathe on the beach because the sea breeze is charged with negative ions that help the lungs increase its intake of oxygen. The sea breeze also helps the muscles around your lungs to relax as soon as you step on to the beach.


Increase your body's iodine levels

Iodine is a supplement that not only ensures your body's metabolism rate and energy levels are operating at their best, it also ensures your hormones are regulated and your nail and hair growth is at its best. Seawater contains a high level of iodine, hence submerging yourself in the sea is a great way to regulate your body's iodine levels


Get in touch with yourself

The Sea in all its vastness is a great testament to the beauty of nature which helps us connect with our spiritual side. The beach is one of the most peaceful places that'll help you centre yourself to meditate and catch a break from the stress and problems of day-to-day life.

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