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10 benefits of nature walk – Workout while being one with nature

Going on nature walks is the ideal way to relax and unplug your mind while giving your body the exercise it needs. Here are 10 benefits of taking nature walks.


Anyone can do it

Anyone can do it

Unlike going to a gym or engaging in any other outdoor activities which require either a yearly membership or costly equipment, nature walks don't need any additional equipment or require much preparation. No matter where in the world you are or what you do for a living, anyone can go on nature walks.


They make you happier

They make you happier

Being one with nature and exposing yourself to fresh air can not only make you happier but also increases your self-confidence and revives your spirit. According to several studies it is also known to cure depression, anxiety and many other mental health diseases.


You become smarter

Recent studies show that by exposing yourself to nature for extended periods of time can increase memory retention capabilities and higher attention spans. Elderly citizens who embark on nature walks are shown to be less likely of having dementia.


You become way more creative

According to studies people who regularly engage in nature walks are found to be 50% more creative and possess higher problem-solving capabilities. By surrounding ourselves with nature we disconnect with everything that bogs us down and opens our minds to new realities and possibilities. Go ahead, try it... Even a short walk will make a world of a difference!


Health benefits

Nature walks help you increase cognitive behaviour, reduce the risk of heart diseases, give your body the dosage of Vitamin D it needs, gets rid of losing body fat and help in reducing stress. The health benefits for your mental and physical health alone are good enough to give nature walks a try.


Meeting new people

If you're afraid to go on a nature walk alone or don't know anyone else who does, you can always participate in a nature walk by searching local bulletin boards or doing a search on either Facebook or Instagram. There are many companies and like-minded groups of people who organise nature walks on a regular basis and are more than happy to share their experiences and knowledge. Most outdoorsy people tend to be friendly, talkative and make great travelling companions.


The memories you create

The memories you create

Whether you're going alone, with a loved one or as a group, the memories you create and the sights you see by engaging on nature walks are the ones you'll cherish for the rest of your life. The Sigiriya Rock in Sri Lanka, which is also known as the 8th wonder of the world is a beautiful nature walk destination that is culturally rich and gives you an amazing view of the surrounding forests area once you reach the summit. Top hotels in Sigiriya range from simple bread and breakfast motels to luxury accommodations from hotel chains like Heritance Hotels Corporate and many others.


Improved observation skills

Engaging in outdoor activities such as nature walks help teenagers and young adults to protect their eyes from myopia. For adults who spend most of their surrounded by screens, going on nature walks reduces the chances of developing dry eye syndrome. Focusing on the distance landscape rather than what's right in front of your eyes works out different muscles in your retina and help the eyes relax and recuperate.


Reduction of appetite

According to studies, nature walks have shown to help you stay in shape by reducing your daily intake of food. Test subjects of this study showed a lower brain reaction to pictures of food on a day they engaged in a nature walk compared to a day they didn't.


Longer life expectancy

There is strong evidence to show that people who go on nature walks have a higher life expectancy according to various studies. Nature walks have shown to reduce the risk of developing kidney, lung diseases and cancer because of the mix of better quality of air and physical exercise.

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