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Anger Doesn't Have To Be A Four Letter Word

Anger can be one of the most destructive forces in a relationship, and it can be incredibly difficult to overcome. These resources can help counsel you through issues like overcoming anger, dealing with situations that cause it, and repairing the relationships that anger has affected.

Personal Anger Assessment

Take this assessment and learn how to manage your anger.

Dealing With Anger in Your Marriage

Marriage provides motivation to learn how to manage anger, which often stems from other emotions: hurt, fear or frustration. Here are some healthy ways to deal with anger in your marriage.

Mommy-Anger Management

All I wanted was five uninterrupted minutes on the phone with my friend Nancy. Instead, I could hardly get a word out without one of my children demanding something of me. My boys were old enough to know better, but their focus on their own needs was overpowering. This resulted in the tugging on my shirt, the pleading eyes and the elongated Mommy whines. I finally lost it, snapped at my children — and then immediately regretted my lack of patience.

Getting a Handle on Anger in Difficult Times

For those times we struggle with anger, Deborah Pegues offers guidance for understanding it, calming it, and finding peace through God's love.

What Our Anger Is Telling Us

Anger not only says something about what just happened; it also says something about our own hearts. What we become angry about reveals what we love.

Helping Kids Learn to Handle Anger

Everybody gets mad sometimes, and kids are no exception. Anger is natural, but learning how to handle anger will mean stepping away from what is natural. Children handle their anger differently so you might not be able to use the same techniques as your friends. It’s even likely that your own kids will need different methods. But there are some basic ideas that can help you teach kids what to do when the anger boils up.

How Can We Be Angry and Not Sin?

Being angry and not sinning requires the discernment of constant practice because so much of our anger is rooted in our prideful, selfish sin nature. Emotionally, it can be very difficult to distinguish between sinful and righteous anger. But because it is something God calls us to, we must press into it.

Dealing With Your Anger

Instead of expressing your anger in ways that hurt those around you, it is possible to express your anger in a way that actually redeems difficult situations and relationships. How does this happen? It starts with understanding what anger is, where it comes from, and how a right relationship with God will actually change the way you view and express your anger.

Anger is a Choice

Anger is something everyone struggles with--whether it's our own emotion threatening to explode out of control or the anger of others that makes us feel intimidated and afraid. But when we understand where anger comes from, how it shows or doesn't show, then we can do something about it. Best-selling authors Tim LaHaye and Bob Phillips tell us what we need to know to control the emotion of anger.

Finding Hope in Your Anger

Have there been times when your spouse hurt you, and in your effort to share your hurt, you became angry? And in response to your anger, your spouse became defensive and pushed you away? The exact opp

Dealing With Anger In Marriage 

This insightful article will give you an honest look at the presence of anger in your marriage and ways that you can replace that anger with reconciliation.

Controlling Anger So It Doesn't Control You (Part 1 of 2)

Best-selling author Gary Chapman offers practical advice for dealing with anger in a healthy manner and embracing the power of forgiveness.

How to Kill Sinful Anger

All sinful anger is hard to fight. It’s a selfish, hot-blooded passion our flesh enjoys indulging. But I find it particularly difficult to fight the sinful anger that I feel I have a right to feel.

How Do I Let Go of Anger over Past Wrongs? | Desiring God

How do we lay down our anger, our bitterness, our grudges against those who have wronged us and gotten away with it?

I'm so Mad!

Helping children develop healthy ways to think through and talk about their anger.

Anger Issues: How I’m Helping My Kids…and Myself

Anger issues make our homes feel like an emotional battlefield. But with planting and perseverance, we may discover the field we’re on is actually a garden.

Anger Management for Teens

How can I help my adolescent son deal with his anger?

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