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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth extraction is a surgical process to remove the wisdom teeth. Carrum Downs Dental Group and Springvale are the two recommended dental care clinics with highly skilled and experienced dentists. The dentists are specialized in wisdom tooth extraction. They treat their patients in a very gentle manner. Before treatment they educate and discuss with them about the treatment.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction – Extract Pain And Get Relief

Our dentists at Springvale and Carrum Downs Dental are expert in removing wisdom tooth in a very gentle manner to relieve you from terrible pain and aches. We have specialist oral surgeons who are skilled and are capable of handling the complex cases as well.


Process Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

Process Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

Impacted wisdom teeth are very painful, the tooth gets stuck in the gums and is unable to emerge completely which causes bacteria in the tooth because of the food get stuck into the tooth, which later results in chronic pain and extraction become compulsory


Impacted Wisdom Teeth - The Third molar

Impacted Wisdom Teeth - The Third molar

Wisdom teeth are also known as the third set of molar which emerges at the back of the jaw. These set of teeth erupt at the last of all the teeth. They usually come in between the ages of 17 and 25, and they're spotted on X-rays. When the wisdom teeth erupt, it may cause no apparent or immediate problems, but as it is hard to clean it causes tooth decay and hence causes pain in the gums.


Home Remedies To Reduce The Wisdom Teeth Pain

Home Remedies To Reduce The Wisdom Teeth Pain

Those who had their wisdom teeth erupted knows what type of pain it is. Many people suggest to visit the dentist as soon as possible but it is not always possible because people have jobs and families. But Sometimes dentists are busy with other patients.
Here are some remedies which will help you to reduce the pain of wisdom teeth
1. Rinse your mouth with Warm Saltwater
2.Wrap ice into the towel and apply over the swollen area
3. Clove oil can also help, take cotton balls and dip it into the clove oil and put that cotton ball over
the tooth.
4. Guava leaves is also very helpful

Carrum Downs Dental Group Has Partnered With Smile

To give you a high-quality treatment at an affordable price Carrum Down Dental Group has partnered with smile. Smile has a network of thousands of dentists all over Australia. Smile has always strived to offer dental services much closer to the Australian so that everyone is able to visit the dentist on a regular basis. Join smile and you'll get many benefits including a 15% discount on the total dental cost.


Wisdom Teeth Removal Infographic

Wisdom Teeth Removal Infographic

Professional Dentist In Skye By Carrum Downs Dental Group

Professional Dentist In Skye By Carrum Downs Dental Group

Carrum Downs Dental Group provides dental treatment in Skye at a very affordable price. Dentist in Skye are well experienced and have the ability to change your normal smile into a beautiful smile in a very simple and successful manner. For a complete dental care, it is necessary to visit the dentist every six months. People of Skye can visit our dental clinic as we have well-experienced dentist, high reputation and treatments are affordable. All types of dental problems are solved by the dentists of the Carrum Downs Dental Group.


Do Wisdom Teeth Causes Crowding Of Other Teeth?

Do Wisdom Teeth Causes Crowding Of Other Teeth?

We often see patients’ whose upper and lower front teeth changes in position in their late teens or as young adults. Some of these patients had well-aligned teeth before, and it is easy to assume that wisdom teeth caused these changes as this is the time they emerge. However, there are many other possible factors as to why your teeth could shift in their position. Your teeth are held in living and changing jaw bone, rather than set in concrete. So, the position of the teeth can be affected by any combinations of factors such as:

  • Changes in the elasticity of the cheeks and lips, or pressure from the lips
  • Late lower jaw growth, which can cause inward tipping of the lower front teeth
  • Lose of gum tissues or bony support for the teeth through gum disease and infections.
Impacted Wisdom Teeth - Causes Of Tooth Removal

Know the complications caused by impacted wisdom teeth, if you are experiencing any signs like swollen gums, tooth decay, pain then it's time to visit the dentist.

  • At our clinic, Carrum Downs Dental Group and Springvale we have an experienced dentist for wisdom teeth extraction who treat their patients in a gently manner and help them to get relief from pain.

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