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Updated by Hemendra Singh on Mar 02, 2019
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Enterprise CMS: 10 feature you must not ignore while integrating

For every other business organizations, CMS is a very integral part. It helps the company with the part of organizing their articles. Let's face it, articles play a dominant role in the popularity of every business. Many organizations look forward to integrating their CMS with their portals. But they often miss out on several things while in the process. Here, we have come up with top 10 features which you should never forget while integrating your Enterprise CMS.


Easy monitoring

Easy monitoring

The head dashboard is the backbone of any ECMS and is responsible for managing all the tasks that are there in the content production procedure. This generally means the following:

Keeping the record of all inbound contents and assets
Administering every activity being made on the software
Adding productivity through plugins and sockets etc.
Having an easy to use interface would guarantee flexibility. The content production, as well as the monitoring of the ongoing traffic, would be seamless.


Capable Publishing Tools

As important is the production of quality content, so is important the publishing procedure in case of any CMS. An efficient ECMS would be able to cope up with all kinds of contents that you want to publish. This might include anything from short news related articles to long and exhaustive articles depicting any particular process. The ECMS should be able to merge all the content under a single production streamline.

A quality CMS is proficient in handling things like SEO, content tagging, adding media like images and video and others from its embedded interface. Also, it should be easy to understand for new creators.


Built-in SEO Support

Every other search engines are constantly upgrading their algorithms to lay stress on quality content. This has a direct effect on the rankings of the content creators. Thus, it is of utmost importance that your CMS has some sort of SEO tools built-in to help you in this regard. It is difficult to ascertain the particular factors which can affect your position. But, you can be sure that Search engine optimization is just not going to be abandoned. A good CMS should be able to help you create URLs or readers as well as search engines like Google and Bing.

It should accompany you by adding a suitable meta description, page titles etc. according to the norms of the search engine tools. The process of easily adding alt tags for all your images and media should also be helped by the CMS.


Social Media Integration

Social media is a prolific platform for organizations to converse directly with the targeted audience. Modern CMS provided by top app developers should always incorporate several social media tools.

That includes adding the links to share your articles throughout the readers' desired social media platform. Also, it should be able to make your content optimized for sharing on any social media websites and let people share and engage with your content.

Your CMS should be able to make a Twitter-ready article for you or should affix your twitter handle to any content you have shared. Things like that are generally a part of good and proficient CMSs.


Exhaustive Analytics

A very crucial part of effectively carrying out your business is tracking the engagement of your platforms. Good ECMS should always integrate with famous analytics instruments like Google Analytics to track your KPIs from the homepage of the CMS.

To further understand user behavior, specific plugins should be there that monitors things like the targeted audience, how they are using the technologies, what kind of content they prefer the most, what platforms are their most-sought after ones and things like that.


Seamless workflow and enhanced publishing

Even if your company runs on a small scale, a single person won't be able to handle all the publishing task of the content.

You might have to appoint an editor or a freelancer for your tasks even if you have a Marketing Director or CMO.

Publishing content is very important for keeping the face of the company high. A granular control in your ECMS to monitor several parameters is important for the reputation of your organization.


Enhanced Security

Security is one of the main concerns while running any organization. Every now and then a multinational organization has to face small to large-scale data breaches.

You, as a proprietor, have to ensure utmost security for your website to protect your content and also your customers. Your ECMS should have a keen eye on unusual activities on your website and should effectively be able to obliterate and block those ISPs which are seemingly causing harm to your website's security. The ECMS should also take care of customers' data and should monitor things like ongoing monitory transactions.


Multiple Platform Support

It's better to start off with a single platform. But when your business sees the growth of traffic, you might face the necessity to broaden your project to all major platforms. Your CMS should take care of the multiple sites that your business might have across all platforms. Mobile viewing of websites is very common nowadays and your CMS should also take that into account.


Extra Support

For most organizations that don't have a strong base of IT support personnel, an exhaustive support system is mandatory. For most intents and purposes, customers will have questions and queries about your product. It is recommended to use a CMS which has extensive support for the user. This might include things like Trouble Shooting, Tips and Tricks, Wikis, Forums and so on.


Searching Support

Your website should have a search section. There will be many customers who look for a particular thing on your website and for them, you need to maintain a robust search option on your website. This search functionality should be taken care of by the CMS. The CMS should have several tags inbuilt such that when users search with those tags, it should be able to readily show just that information. This makes the experience seamless for customers as well.

These were ten of the most important things that you shall never forget while integrating your CMS. You should also keep in mind the pricing of the CMS from app developing companies.