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Universal Home Care and Services Inc.

To offer our patients a continuum of health-related services by licensed and compassionate professionals in the comfort of their homes while adhering to regulatory rules.

Long-Term Care Planning 101: The Basics

What if one day you can no longer handle the things that you usually do?

Long-Term Care Planning 102: Payment Options 

Sometimes life happens, you get into an accident, or you develop an illness that makes it impossible for you to care for yourself.

Tips to Stay Healthy This Summer

Summer is the best time to have fun and relax. However, the sun's heat can pose a particular danger among aging individuals. As people age,

Blood Type Diet: Eating for Type O, A, B, and AB

Being a home health care in Douglasville, Georgia, we try to help everyone with their diet. Usually, when you browse the Internet to look for answers on how to be healthy, results will suggest that the key is a healthy diet. There is already a blood type diet developed by naturopath Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo. Universal Home Care And Services, Inc. wants to share Dr. D'Adamo’s recommendations with you.

Skin Care Tips for Seniors

The skin primarily protects our inner organ from any physical harm. As we age, our skin becomes sensitive and weak, allowing viruses and infections to enter with ease into our body. With the help of a personal caregiver or a companion sitter, a senior can learn strategies and apply it to their daily regimen. Here are the skin care strategies that have long-term benefits to seniors’ skin:

How Do Pets Make Good Companions?

Owning a pet is like having a companion sitter. As a home health care provider, we encourage seniors to own a pet. Pets are dependable, loyal, and non-judgemental, which offers different benefits for people of all ages including seniors. Especially in the later years, continuing to own pets can be a significant element to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. So, how do pets make good companions?

Home Health Care | Home Care Agency | Douglasville, GA

Are you looking for a reliable home care provider in Douglasville, Georgia? We might be the one you're searching for. We are your partners in health.

Three Herbs with Anti-Aging Benefits

Aging is an irrevocable fact. Although aging brings some changes to the body, it shouldn’t affect the way you look. If you’re making efforts to combat aging, you would know that there are many ways to fight it and Universal Home Care And Services Inc. believes that these three marvelous herbs are among the best.

Asthma vs. COPD: What’s the Difference?

Are you suffering from a respiratory condition like asthma? Or COPD, perhaps? Confused about which respiratory issue you are experiencing? Don’t worry because Universal Home Care And Services Inc. will differentiate the two.

Brain-Damaging Habits for Seniors

Our brain has the most important function in all of our body organs. Hence, as human beings, we should take care of its health to avoid any complication in the future. As a home health care provider, we know some unhealthy habits for your brain that you should stop immediately.

Exercises for Seniors Diabetes

Seniors with diabetes should engage in more physical activities. It is an important component in managing diabetes. If seniors stay physically fit, they will be able to control their blood glucose level more efficiently which can lessen the various symptoms associated with diabetes. At Universal Home Care And Services, Inc., together with our caregivers and home health aides, we will develop diabetes care management especially for you.

Home Health Care in Douglasville, Georgia

To offer our patients a continuum of health-related services by licensed and compassionate professionals in the comfort of their homes while adhering to regulatory rules.

Benefits of Seniors Engaging in Craft Activities

Crafting is one of the best activities that seniors can do. When we speak of arts and crafts, there are various possibilities which seniors can create, and we are sure that you can find something out there that suits them, regardless of their skill level.

Universal Home Care And Services Inc | Home Care Services in GA

Universal Home Care And Services, a home health care in Douglasville, Georgia, recognizes the importance of not only being able to receive care in your own home and maintain your independence, but to be able to do so with an enriched quality of life. Being able to provide valuable services and equipment is something we never take for granted. We are happy and dedicated to helping our patients improve the way they live their lives. Our well-trained staff members are ready to assist you with your individual needs.

Few Ways to Help Seniors with Alzheimer’s Enjoy the Holiday Season

The different flurry of activities the holiday season brings — such as changes in daily routine, conversations with extended family, and participation in annual traditions — can be very stressful for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Life can be challenging for anyone during the winter months. This may be because of different reasons such as the ice, snow, and the cold temperature. Slippery sidewalks and cold weather may cause a vast range of injuries and illnesses among seniors.

Companionship | Companion Care | Douglasville, Georgia

Does your senior loved one need companion in their daily living? We have companion sitters who can accompany them in their home.

Most Common Age-Related Vision Problems

Dry eyes can be a common eye issue during winter because of the recirculation of air from the heater. But, how do you tell your home health care provider if it’s a simple case of dry eyes or a symptom of a visual disease? Well, you can do so by familiarizing the most common senior eye problems.

Skilled Nursing | Nursing Care | Douglasville, GA

When your loved ones have an illness, an injury, or are aging, then their conditions may call for the type of care that exceeds what you are capable of providing. To help you in this scenario, Universal Home Care And Services, Inc., a home health care provider, offers skilled nursing care.

Heart-Healthy Tips for a Healthy Life

A good exercise and a healthy diet are crucial in keeping the heart healthy. But what else can you do to keep your heart as healthy as possible? Universal Home Care And Services, Inc. has listed five of the things you should do every day to help your heart work efficiently.

Ways to Show Love to an Aging Family Member

The month of February is a great time to show and express love to your aging parents or family member. In fact, a few minutes spent with your beloved seniors can make a huge difference in their day.

Shortness of Breath: A Sign of Heart Failure?

According to collected data by professionals who are keeping track of the statistics of health-related deaths, heart problems are among the top-ranking causes of death in the US. It even killed more than 787,000 individuals in 2011 alone. According to the Heart Foundation, “Cardiovascular diseases claim more lives than all forms of cancer combined.” They added that someone dies of a heart-associated disease every 1 minute in the United States.

Fitness for Joint Health

Together with proper diet and vitamins, exercise also helps in keeping joints flexible, strong, healthy, and pain-free. And, it's a good way you lose and maintain a healthy weight, taking pressure off of your aching joints. If you have concerns regarding your joints, seek professional advice or ask help from a home care agency in Georgia.

Awesome Ways Expert Caregivers Can Help Your Seniors

Yes, you’re probably thinking about taking care of your beloved elderly parents at home on your own as a sign of giving back. But if time doesn’t allow you to do so, it’s equally good to hire a provider of personal home health care in Douglasville, Georgia to care for your senior loved ones. Here are the ways a personal care expert can contribute to their quality of life at home:

Tasks Only a Skilled Nurse Can Do Effectively

Seniors would love it if their loved ones will personally take care of them. It can also give you a different kind of satisfaction if you’ve taken care of an elderly loved one on your own. However, if time constraints get in the way of you doing hands-on care, it’s wise to hire a skilled nurse from a home health care in Douglasville, Georgia to care for your elderly loved ones.