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Updated by Nathalie Martin on Jul 09, 2018
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The Ultimate Pregnancy Pillows to Help Mums-To-Be Get the Comfort and Support They Need

Using a pregnancy pillow has many different benefits, yet they also come in lots of different sizes, designs and price points too. From relatively inexpensive wedge-shaped cushions to full length pillows, if you are struggling to get your head around which is the best pregnancy pillow for you, here are the most common kinds you will come across listed by price point from low to high:

Wedge Pillows

These are small, more compact cushions that are placed thin side under bump to provide comfort for mum’s belly and back. Although wedges are often the cheapest option, they can actually provide the best support due to their shape especially later in pregnancy. They are a convenient size to move about in the night without affecting your partner and to take with along if you go abroad.

Cuddle Pillows

This variety come in a similar in size to wedge pillows but are shaped more like an apostrophe and are placed between the thighs. Along with belly support, cuddle cushions are designed to support the hips and legs of an expectant mother, however there is less support for her back. They are also convenient to travel with and won’t take up much space in bed.

Maternity Pillow

Again, similar in size to wedge and cuddle cushions, this type of pillow is shaped almost like a bow and can be used not only for bump support, but also for your ankles and neck during the day. Additionally, this pillow comes in handy once your new born has arrived as a feeding cushion as well.

Strap Around Pillow

These pillows work as a strap around your body to provide support that moves with you during the night. They usually feature memory-foam padding on either side of the belly to fill the space between bump and mattress providing the wearer with as much or as little support as you need. Ergonomic pillows are adjustable so can be used through pregnancy and are a compact size to take on holiday.

Full-Length Pillow

These are the largest and most expensive of the range and are usually similar in length to their user. The most popular versions are long and straight, U-shaped to support your whole body and also more technically designed three-piece detachable pillows providing flexibility both in pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. Just remember to compare measurements with your bed or someone may end up on the floor!