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Headline for 21st Century 5th-Grade Learners
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21st Century 5th-Grade Learners

6 Awesome Cooperative Classroom Games | TeachHUB

Team Work The six lessons provided at this site target different grade levels. The lesson I would enjoy using with my fifth graders is Balloon Bop. This activity requires students to work together as they hold hands in a circle attempting to keep the balloon from touching the ground.

10 Team-Building Games That Promote Collaborative Critical Thinking

Problem-Solving This site provides 10 fun activities that promote problem solving skills for individuals or for cooperative learning groups. The lesson that I would use is "If you build it..." This activity has students use simple materials to construct the tallest structure possible. Who doesn't enjoy playing with spaghetti and marshmallows?

Teaching Strategy: Fishbowl | Facing History

Communication The "Fishbowl" activity has three objectives; to get students to ask questions, to get students to share their thoughts and opinions, and to get students to listen to their peers. Students who are "in the fishbowl" (inner group of chairs)) are given a topic to discuss while the students on the outside circle listen carefully tot he ideas being shared.

Lesson 1: What Makes a Leader? |

Leadership This lesson has students studying the traits of world leaders in government, business, education, sports, entertainment, etc. Students research a chosen leader and form an opinion about their leadership qualities.

Evaluating Reliable Sources | Teaching Tolerance

Digital Literacy Fifth grade students that I have worked with are still struggling with understanding the idea that not "just because you found it on the internet does not mean that the information is true." This lesson guides students through a process of verifying online sources as credible.

Finding My Media Balance | Common Sense Education

Emotional Intelligence This lesson aims to provide students with insights on how to lead a balanced life in a technological world. Students as well as adults seem to always be watching or listening to devices, interacting on social media, and/or surfing the internet. This lesson from common sense education helps students create a plan to provide the necessary balance between technology and the real world around themselves.

Elementary Social Entrepreneurship: A Perfect STEAM Lesson | User Generated Education

Entrepreneurship This lesson seems like a wonderful way to get students to understand the idea of being an entrepreneur. This highly engaging lesson teaches students about creating goals and business plan. The lesson walks students through teach step creating a fun sharing opportunity at the end.

Global Citizenship: Activity (3-5) | Share My Lesson

Global Citizenship This lesson helps students understand that they part of a larger, global community. They learn that their actions can make a difference each day through respecting those who are different, standing up for social injustices, and respecting the limited resources that we all share.