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Latest US stock market update

Stay updated with the market and analyze stocks in-depth to make safer trading and investment decisions by tracking the 3000+ AI-Led analytics.


Best Investment tips & Trading Ideas

Before you plan your investment in US equities ask yourself one question how long you are planning to invest. As with this answer, the planning for investment depends a lot. For short-term investment, there are many factors which may vary and that don't need to be taken into consideration when the investment tenure extends.

Best Investment tips and easy trading ideas for 2018

Experts are saying that the US stock market is the best among the top global markets in the current market scenario in the year 2018. Even though big investors are looming into the lap of US stock markets but making money in US equities is not that easy. The market is volatile and trends are showing that major global markets are getting affected by the geopolitical issues and economic tensions in major economies.

Best 8 Tips to invest in US stocks for the year 2018:

1)Choose the sectors you are interested to invest, and understand the sectors are cyclical or non-cyclical. With higher volatility to minimize the risk invest in defensive sectors like

2) Pick the stocks you want to invest and have a clear motive behind your investment.

3) Check the stock’s MTD, QTD & YTD performance, financials, technical analysis and more insights. For Example Apple. Check out the performance.

4) Compare with its top competitor performances & growth........
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Warren Buffett Latest Portfolio Update

There is no other investment portfolio more closely watched than that of Warren Buffett. His remarkable track record of outperforming the S&P 500 is unmatched. Investors have been trying for years to analyze his stock picks, hoping to get inside his mind to glean a morsel of his investment genius. Get an in-depth analysis of the Warren Buffett stocks here to stay updated on the market:

What next for Netflix?

What next for Netflix?
The stock has outperformed Wall Street expectation and is trading way above the consensus price estimate for the stock's value for the next 12 months. It closed at $390.52 before the independence day. Netflix is up more than 100% for just the first half of 2018 with it 52 week high of $423 on June 21 after starting the year with $196.
But the prime question is Netflix a safe investment after such a strong run? Can the company continue to deliver market-beating earnings in this quarter also?


Wall Street awaits a challenging month as earnings season looms

Wall Street awaits a challenging month as earnings season looms

Earnings season is a very important period of time for investors as well as traders. Every public company posts their quarterly performance or earnings to the public and it generally takes place in January, April, July, and October of every year. During this reporting, public companies generally cover the topics of financial performance, changes in governing bodies, legal involvements and industry changes. Earnings announcements calendar is generally released a few weeks before.

This season is a great time to analyze the current stock price and determine if the stock is overvalued or undervalued. It will also help you get the PE, PS ratio of a stock. You can also analyze the earnings before interest tax (EBIT) whereas some analysts prefer earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) which might give you a rough overview whether you need to buy, sell or hold the stock.

Upcoming Major earning:

Major banks are expected to report earnings this Friday and the following week. FED's announcements make a lot of impact on the financial sector and the banking industry. The Banks industry fell by 1.12% on a quarterly basis and 3.16% on a YTD basis. The Financial sector also failed to prevent the downfall and fell 0.95% on a quarterly basis and 3.25% on a Year to date basis. In the previous month, FED held a meeting in Vienna and announced the increment of interest rates from 1.75% to 2%. They also declared letting the inflation go up to 2% as the US economy looked stable. There were around 213000 jobs added in the month of June but the unemployment rate rose to 4% from 3.8%.

There are a few earnings report to watch out in this week are JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup. JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup have an EPS of $2.24, $1.12, and $1.57 in this quarter. All the three banks beat their quarterly earnings in their first quarter by 3.95%, 4.67%, and 4.35% respectively. JP Morgan fell 3.54% despite beating the Wall Street estimates and Citigroup also failed to fight the bullish sentiment and dived 4.36% whereas Wells Fargo Co. traded up 10.17% from the last earnings reported on 13th April.

In the coming week, the notable earnings to be reported are Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley was trading at $53.26 and is now trading at $47.75 down by 10.34% followed by Goldman Sachs who are trading down by 11.02%. Bank of America is trading down by 4.73%.

Most of the major banks were seen to make an unavoidable downfall despite reporting a better than expected earnings in the last quarter. If a company reports earnings that are higher than projected the price generally goes up and vice-versa. These are the key upcoming earnings report to watch in the coming days.




Financial Market Data & News| AI led Analytics & Insights- Agrud


Latest earning reports in just one click

Latest earning reports in just one click

Earnings season is a very important period of time for investors as well as traders. In this week, there are some notable earnings i.e Netflix, Bank of America, get the latest upcoming earnings reportvisit , #Agrud #earnings #report #BAC #NFLX #Netflix #Nasdaq #apple #FAANG #Amzn


Apple, Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants celebrated World Emoji Day

Apple, Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants celebrated World Emoji Day

#Apple, #Facebook, #Twitter and other tech giants celebrated World Emoji Day on Tuesday. $AAPL announced over 70 new emoji characters with hair color variations also $FB and Messenger shared statistics and revealed that the "heart" emoji is one of the most used expressions on the platforms. $TWTR also released a list of the top ten emojis used on its platform that included the "heart, fire, thumbs up and heart eyes smileys. Keep an eye on the stocks here for a deeper insight and tag the best emoji to express your favourite stocks.
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Live update on US stock market news(Company news)

Live update on US stock market news(Company news)

#Apple shares were up over 2% in aftermarket trading after posting results that topped WallStreet expectations, driven by sales of higher-priced iPhones. Apple's iPhone segment continued to benefit from a successful iPhone 8- and iPhone X-fueled product cycle, with iPhone revenue surging 20% year over year, up from 14% growth in Q2. A higher average selling price for Apple's iPhones was the primary driver for this higher segment revenue, as iPhone unit sales only increased 1% year over year during the quarter.

Procter & Gamble Co.reported adjusted fourth-quarter earnings that beat expectations but revenue that was slightly below consensus forecasts. The consumer-products giant also gave a soft outlook for its 2019 fiscal year.
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What is the best stocks to buy on Monday?

What is the best stocks to buy on Monday?

Apple is the first among the FAANG stocks to reach the $1 trillion benchmark. Is this the perfect time to buy $AAPL?


Latest US stock market news-

Latest US stock market news-

#DIS had a busy second quarter being on the news concerning major acquisitions. They are expected to report their quarterly earnings today after the market closes. will it break the wall street expectations?
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Prime Features which makes Agrud a great source for US stock traders and investors.

Prime Features which makes Agrud a great source for US stock traders and investors.

Influence of AI is getting very prominent in the Fintech sectors. The technology is giving the financial sector a new dimension altogether which makes things very convenient for the better user experience.
Agrud is also a Fintech startup with the prime motive to democratize financial information and bring Wall Street like information to the masses.
The AI Stella has taken the delivery of the latest US stock market news relevancy to a next label by personalizing them to your choice and interest, along with that advance analysis on stocks to group them under 3000+ analytics on US stocks which daily updated.

Prime Features which makes Agrud a great source for US stock traders and investors.
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6)The most interesting thing is the 3000+ analytics which groups the US stocks for your better analysis and understanding of the mass. No advanced skills are needed to analyze stocks and still, you can explore top analysis at one-click

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13 Common Misconceptions About Investment

13 Common Misconceptions About Investment


S&P 500 & Earnings

S&P 500 & Earnings

Robust earnings season is going to end. Analysts were concern about the impact of higher dollar rate and slower global economic growth on companies in the S&P 500 with higher international revenue exposure before the beginning of earnings sessions. But the earnings growth in second-quarter beat the estimate and touched 24.8% which was the best since 2004. The stellar second-quarter earnings pushed the SP500 very close to its historical bull run.
According to Factset data, the earnings growth rate is 22.2% of companies that generate more than 50% of sales and 29.4% for the company that generate less than 50% of sales inside the U.S.
Till now 91% of SP500 companies have reported and 79% have beat the estimates which also touched Record-High Percentage of Companies Beating EPS Estimates since FactSet began tracking this metric in Q3 2008.

Earning above estimates:
Out of 11 sectors, the Telecommunication, Health Care, and Information Technology sectors have the highest percentages of companies reported earnings above estimates, while the Energy sector had the lowest percentage of companies reporting earnings above estimates.

Highest contributor to earnings and revenue growth:
Energy, Information technology and material sector are the highest contributors to earnings and revenue growth among the 11 sectors in this quarter. Meanwhile, the energy sector reported the largest downside difference between actual earnings and estimated earnings as Helmerich & Payne and Cabot Oil & Gas have reported the largest downside differences between actual EPS and estimated EPS.

** U.S economy**:
U.S economy continues showing its strength and expand at a steady clip. Gross domestic product rate increased 4.1% which is the fastest pace in almost four years. The Federal Reserve kept interest rate unchanged and signalling to hike the interest rate in the coming months.

Looking forward to this strong growth in corporate earnings is likely to continue in the second half of the year and giving the market a crucial boost. Still, there are many more factors to be calculated into investment decisions so always stay updated with the market sentiment for better investment ideas.


Top 5 Bull runs in US stock market

Top 5 Bull runs in US stock market

Wall Street just saw history happen with the longest bull run. This bullish run started after the 2008 Recession since the last week of March 2009. Here are the top five bullish run of S&P 500.

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