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Three Phases Of Security Automation

For all the cyber security Jedi's out is a quick list on how automating your daily security tasks can benefit you:


Benefits of automating your security investigation:

Download this factsheet today to get a deeper insight into how a SOAR platform can streamline security processes.

First few minutes with DNIF

DNIF brings you a variety of features to work with your data, here is a quick tutorial on how to get started with DNIF


Next Generation Security Analysts

Next Generation Security Analysts

Next Generation Security Analysts


Other Benefits

Other benefits:

  • Discover quickly — DNIF identifies and provides accurate, real-time information about your endpoints regardless of operating system, location or connectivity.

  • Monitor continuously — Enable continuous monitoring and compliance enforcement across endpoints.

  • Create Baselines — Establish a baseline of normal endpoint and user activities and continuously monitor ongoing endpoint and user behaviors against that baseline to identify abnormalities and the need for follow-up or remediation.


Reduce Alert fatigue

Reduce Alert fatigue

Three phases of Security Automation are:

  • Enrichment = Enrich the data which is ingested to add/gain insight from the data. Example, the existing data about web authentication can be coupled with HR data to understand which user browsing patterns and sentiments.

  • Validation = If there seems to be a malicious activity from a know malicious IP addresses, cross check this IP address with Virustotal or Kaspersky if it has a bad reputation.

  • Response = You can directly issue a block request for an ip or a URL for most devices like your firewall or router :-)


What is Security automation and orchestration?

Automation - Security automation is the automatic handling of a task in a machine-based security application that would otherwise be done manually by a cybersecurity professional.

Orchestration - Security orchestration is the connecting and integrating of various security applications and processes together.