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PICA Manufacturing Solutions

PICA Manufacturing Solutions was established as a North American based team of electronic interconnect experts with extensive experience in flex assemblies, global manufacturing, materials, engineering, and technology development.

Flexible Circuit Manufacturers

At PICA Manufacturing Solutions we have the capabilities to produce short and large production runs exceeding a million units produced a year, of flex pcb, rigid flexible circuits, printed circuit boards, flat flexible cables and flexible heaters. With over 22 years in business, over 30 years of experience, and millions of circuits and other applications produced we are confident in our abilities to produce the best products on the market.

Pcb Flex Cable

Flat Flex Cable (FFC) is made of flat high-ductility conductors laminated between layers of dielectric material. The dielectric insulation material is generally either polyester or polyimide.

PICA Manufacturing Solutions designs and builds etched foil flexible heaters which are thin, bendable and shaped to fit almost any type of equipment.

Flexible Circuit Board

Pica manufacturing specializes in flexible pcb manufacturing & flexible pcb assembly solutions. Providing unmatched quality & pricing for flexible pcb.

Flexible Pcb Board

Printed circuit boards consist of rigid and flexible substrate laminated together into a single circuit. Plated through holes provide the electrical connection between the different layers. printed circuit boards are very complex; they require high levels of skills and knowledge in flexible and rigid materials selections and related manufacturing processes.

Heaters with Flexible Circuit are in High Demand

Heating elements are useful for different kind of applications. There can be various types of heaters that you can choose ranging from waterbed heaters, tubular heaters and flexible circuit heaters. One of the best choice of flexible insulation material is choosing flexible heater.

Tips For Selecting the Right PCB Manufacturer

PCB is known as printed circuit board and it is an essential part of the electronics industry. Recently, PCB manufacturing companies have introduced various new technologies as the demand for the new advanced technologies is increasing. This also includes design of efficient printed circuit boards, design layouts and different assembling services.

Printed Circuit Board is an important part of any digital electronic machine and must be prepared with right kind of experience and expertise. If you are looking to buy a PCB then there are various PCB manufacturers available to choose. It is important to choose a reliable manufacturer who is having right expertise in manufacturing flexible PCB board. Here are some of the key details compiled to help you find the right manufacturer.

Advantages of Flexible PCB for Space Application

Many technologies that were formerly developed for space exploration by NASA is now used for a host of many other important gadgets and discoveries. For instance, today, pillows made of memory foam is very popular. Memory foam was developed by NASA. Another such useful technology developed for aerospace industry includes flexible circuits or flexible PCB board. Fully flexible and rigid flex PCBs have a number of advantages over the traditional PCBs.

Benefits of Weight and Size Reductions with Flexible PCB

Flexible printed circuit board. Also known as flex circuits, flexi-circuits, flex print, and flex PCB, are a group of interconnection and electronic solutions. It consists of a very thin insulating polymer-film that has conductive circuit patterns. These printed circuit patterns are affixed on the film and covered with a thin coating of polymer so as to protect the circuits.

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards- The All-Rounder Pcb

Printed circuit boards or PCB’s are mainly of two types depending on their substrates, either rigid or flexible. The older pcb’s were mostly rigid. In this advanced 21st era of wireless communication like mobile technology where everyone is slowly moving towards miniaturization, there was a need felt for circuit boards that were light, thin, small, flexible and had high wiring density.

Printed Circuit Boards- The Building Blocks of Electronic Devices

Even though they are a very small component, without printed circuit boards, we would not have the amazing electronic s that surrounds us. Printed circuit boards are basically of two types, rigid printed circuit boards and flexible printed circuit boards.Flex printed circuit boards are a very common sight if we really give the internal parts of our electronics a good second look.

Understanding Flexible PCB’s- Made Easy!

Printed circuit boards or PCB’s can be broadly classified into two types according to their substrates as either rigid or flexible. Rigid pcb’sare usually the older ones. In this technologically advancing 21st century, where wireless communication like mobile phones have changed the outlook of people who in turn are looking at miniaturization, a need was felt for circuit boards that have the properties of being light, thin, small, flexible and with a high wiring density. Felixible heaters manufactures then invented the flexible pcbto fulfil these needs.

The printed circuit board manufacturers have been working since decades just for the reason of high demand of the PCB’s. In brief, a PCB is used to connect the electrical components of a chip which uses the copper tracks, instead of just using wires. It is done in such a way that holes are drilled into the board which is used to fix the electrical components in the position, a way by which a normal connection is given with the power source.After that, these components are soldered which secures their position and all the copper tracks are responsible for linking them together, which forms a full circuit on the flex circuit board. All these components together form the PCB or the Printed circuit board.

Pros and Cons of PCB

Printed circuit boards are used mainly in different type of electronic products such as computers, cell phones or any other equipment. It is a board which is having a layer of copper embedded to connect wires and components on it.

Varied Uses and Features of Flexible Circuit Board

In the realm of electronics, necessity is the mother of all inventions, keeps best applicable to the innovation, progress and development of flexible circuits in all kinds of electric and electronic devices. The flexible circuits have just recently come of age as an interconnection technology, although it was initially developed around two decades ago.

  • PICA Manufacturing Solutions was established as a North American based team of electronic interconnect experts with extensive experience in flex assemblies, global manufacturing, materials, engineering, and technology development. Our mission is to help our customers succeed in their efforts to bring their innovative products to the market in a timely and cost effective manner. We do this by applying our extensive engineering and manufacturing experience with electronic interconnect products; flexible printed circuits, flat flex cable, and flexible circuit assembly.

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