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Winners-at-work - Business Management

Performance management is a hot topic; it has been for some time. Managers universally want to know what can be done to escalate company performance. What are the secrets, shortcuts, and strategies? Where do I begin?

We read and hear a lot about agility these days, particularly organisational agility. But what does it mean? What are its dimensions? And how can we measure it?

Human spirit and work is concerned with the immersion of one’s human spirit in their vocation. Sustaining an individual’s spirit at work can have a positive impact in so many ways, including work performance.

How can you get your employees to show initiative when they need to? And at the same time – how do you get them to follow company guidelines and processes when they have to?

Jobs as we know them today, have only been around for a little over 200 years since the first Industrial Revolution; they are like a grain of sand on the beach in the context of human history.

An organization—any organization—is a bunch of people working together towards a common goal. Let's have a look how we can bring human being back to work.

Influencing is the lifeblood of leadership. We're all in the business of influencing others and being influenced by others daily. Some people are better at influencing than others.

If you don't want your employees to say that, why do you start your relationship by giving them a narrow task and competency focused description of their job?

The Four Things Highly Influential People Do

Influencing is the lifeblood of leadership. We're all in the business of influencing others and being influenced by others daily.

Changing Culture Through Conversation

Most of this advice is based on a linear process or string of tactics. It raises an important question: Are we trying to change the business or are we trying to change the people? The answer is both. But if you can change the way people think, you inevitably change the business. The focus needs to be on the people rather than the process.

What are your strengths?

Do you know your strengths? What are they? Tell me. How are you using your strengths and innate talents in your work and life?

What’s meant by this word—authenticity, particularly when it comes to conversation? “Authenticity is the new emotional intelligence,” according to the human resources manager of Hampshire County Council.

Bringing the Human Being Back to Work

An organization—any organization—is a bunch of people working together towards a common goal. We tend to lose sight of this simple truth. Managers are often obsessed with processes, procedures, methods, and systems. For the past 100 years, we’ve progressively dehumanized our places of work—although many argue that the workplace was never humanized.

Bullshit Jobs and Employee Engagement

First, most employee engagement strategies are designed to extrinsically motivate employees at work. These stimuli are focused at work rather than on work. Pay, recognition, and better working conditions gets all the attention as the pathway to stimulating engagement levels of employees. But this misses the mark.

Workplace Dignity by Tim Baker

Whether it’s diversity and equity, health and safety, merit, equal opportunity and anti-discrimination, or any other human resources or legislative intervention, we are fundamentally talking about the idea of workplace dignity. Workplace dignity can be the overarching framework for all these programs.

The 8 Characteristics of High Performing Teams

We've all experienced, or at least witnessed, high performing teams (HPTs) in action. We've also experienced, or witnessed, low performing teams (LPTs).

Five Simple & Powerful Ways to Boost Productivity

What are some simple ways to boost productivity by 30 per cent or more, without spending money or firing employees? Here are five simple and powerful ways of accelerating productivity. Productivity Idea # 1: Do an email audit How much time do you spend daily on compiling, reading and responding to e

Five Conversations Framework

Organisations are conversations. At its heart, the life of any organisation exists in and is sustained through the conversations that are taking place inside, around and about it.

Developing leaders is the best investment an organisation can make. Leadership to an organisation is like an engine is to a car. You can't go anywhere without it. Most leadership learning and development programs are costly. Not the Lunch & Learn Series.

Five Conversations That Improve Performance

Conversations improve performance. Not all conversations. But some do. My colleagues Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner in their book, Credibility state that "leadership is a relationship." Their statement does raise the obvious question, doesn't it? How do we have a relationship with someone? And the answer in my view is as straightforward as their statement ... one conversation at a time. Conversation is a very human thing to do. Although other species may have conversations. They're not like human conversations.

Seven dimensions of agile performance

We toss the word performance around a lot in HR, especially when it comes to employees and organisations. “He’s not performing.

Should we appraise or develop people at work?

It is tempting to respond to this question by saying: both! But the workplace is obsessed with appraisal and doesn't devote enough time to development. This is particularly the case with managers.

Shifting from a Job-focus to a Performance-focus

The concept of the job has only been in existence for a little over 200 years. Jobs are a way of quarantining and controlling the output of workers.

The 9 Barriers of Authentic Communication

What are the barriers to good communication in the workplace? Some of these barriers are psychological, others are emotional, and some physical. Here are the top nine barriers: 1.

Four Strategies to be More Influential

Influencing is the lifeblood of leadership. We are all in the business of influencing and being influenced daily. Some people are better at the art of persuasion than others. We all use a favoured strategy to influence; mostly we do this subconsciously. We also have a preferred way we like to be persuaded too, again, we are often unaware of how we like to be influenced.

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