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Siblings By Birth, Friends By Choice

A sibling can be a best friend or, at times, a worst enemy. How do you encourage your children to develop healthy and supportive relationships with each other? These resources offer advice that will help.

Sibling Bond

When sibling rivalry flares up at your house, keep the big picture in mind. Usually, beneath all of that competitiveness is a bond that’s not easily broken.

Encouraging Siblings to Get Along

As parents, we're faced with the task of helping each of our one-of-a-kind children accept and appreciate the differences in their brothers and sisters. So how can you help your children value the unique qualities of their siblings?

Managing Sibling Conflict

Education expert Cynthia Tobias explains what parents can do to reduce the amount of conflict between their children and create a more peaceful home environment.

Helping Kids Adjust to a New Sibling

When a new baby arrives, an older sibling may become jealous. Here are some ideas on how to make sure you give enough attention for two and not wear yourself out.

Sibling Rivalry – RELEVANT Magazine

My family jokes that when I was a kid and Grandma would bring gifts over, I’d always tell my sister matter-of-factly that the pink item would be for me, and the purple item would be for her. Girly toys seemed to always come in the standard pink or purple, and purple was clearly inferior. But I was the big sister, and my little sister would have to submit to my decisions.

Jeffrey Kluger: The sibling bond | TED Talk

Were you the favorite child, the wild child or the middle child? Jeffrey Kluger explores the profound life-long bond between brothers and sisters, and the influence of birth order, favoritism and sibling rivalry.

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