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10 Video Games that improves cognitive skills – All Assignment Experts | Blog

Video games are the best entertainment options that are loved by many kids. However, not every parent of the kid would encourage them to play video games, as it is considered to be a time waster. However, when kids play video games, it improves their cognitive ability and start to think beyond the box. You can notice the difference in the imagination and cognitive abilities I the kids who play video games from the kids who do not play it. These games would let kids to cope up with stress and make them more intelligent. This strengthens the cognitive skills, problem solving ability and reasoning. Kids who play shooter games can reap more cognitive benefits.

How To Score 700+ In GMAT In 1 Month – All Assignment Experts | Blog

GMAT is the competitive exam that is given by the aspirants who want to pursue their MBA from the best colleges and universities globally. The aspirants who get flying score would get admission in the top universities and can have a bright career later. To score 700 + in GMAT, you would need to keep on practicing and remember the formula that are important to solve the quantitative section problems. With time constraints, not many students would be able to crack this exam. However, with proper time management and by doing mental calculations, aspirants can attempt almost every question. The best part of this exam is that, it has no negative marking. The aspirants scoring well would get enrolled in their dream college. Interestingly, the aspirants who have sound knowledge on English just need a month of preparation to crack the exam. In fact, in this month’s preparation, you can score 700+ marks in the exam.

Traits For Successful & Happy College Life – All Assignment Experts | Blog

Life is indeed, very confusing for all of us because we finally spend a lot of time away from the care that our parents shower regularly on us. Having seen movies like Karate Kid and Step Up Revolution where guys rise from the absolute base to the absolute top in a matter of months we suffer from the illusion that if we devote our time to a certain activity for a certain period of time with absolute concentration, we will attain the position of the champion.

Petroleum Engineering: The physical and the chemical factors that control the oil bank formation – All Assignment Exp...

The oil bank is the part of the oil reservoir where the saturation of the oil increases due to the enhanced oil recovery methods that are applied to the reservoirs. The formation of the oil bank is necessary since it facilitates the collection of the oil from the fields later. The  more the number of oil banks in a particular field, the more is the ease with which the oil can be collected from the reservoirs.  Without the formation of the oil banks, the collection of the oil becomes difficult; since the oil drilling and the recovery processes cannot be carried out through the vast expanse of the whole oil field.  The Baronia Oil fields is a place where the oil banks are not very properly formed and hence, the oil bank formation is encouraged with the use of artificial methods like the water and the gas injection technologies and the usage of the surfactants in the reservoirs. A number of physical and chemical factors that influences the formation of the oil bank in the oil fields:

Importance and applications of Isotopes – All Assignment Experts | Blog

Isotopes are two forms of the same element which differ in the number of neutrons present in the nucleus of a single atom of the element. There are 90 naturally occurring elements with roughly 250 stable isotopes and over 3200 unstable or radioactive isotopes. Different isotopes of the same element often have completely different properties, making some of them invaluable to mankind.

How to change yourself with changing technology? – All Assignment Experts | Blog

Technology changes at a fast pace and as a student you always need to stay updated. There might be a new analytical tool coming in or a new software program which can revolutionize the industry and make the existing technology obsolete. When this happens, all you have learnt so far won’t be of any use in your future job/ career.  You need to stay at par with the latest advancements in the technology to survive and grow in your career.

A Week Without Social Media – From Diaries Of An A Grade Student – All Assignment Experts | Blog

Can we image spending a day without browsing through Facebook, twitter, Whatsapp, YouTube or Instagram? The answer would be a big NO for me and for almost everyone who is reading  this post. Today, social media is taking the virtual world by storm. In stead of speaking with each other over a coffee or in a library, people have started sending whats app messages. Even I start a day by sharing a “Good Morning” greetings in whatsapp and checking my facebook and instagram feed.  Every day I feel like sharing the status of the activities I am doing, be it Friday night parties, a trek or a night out with friends. For a person like me who is social buff, no day ends without landing on my social media accounts and share the updates with my friends and family. Let me tell you, I am equally good at my studies. All my assignments and homework is submitted on time and I get straight As in almost every subject.

8 Useful Websites To Increase General Awareness – All Assignment Experts | Blog

General Knowledge is a key for a successful career in any field. You can impress your colleagues, teachers or a future employer just by your general awareness. Whether you are pursuing MBA, engineering, economics, history, arts or any other field, having a strong General Knowledge has always been a plus point. In today’s dynamic world, there are plenty of websites that can help you keep your knowledge updated. Here we have listed the best eight websites that will give insights from all around the world.

Avail Online Tutoring To Earn Better Grades – All Assignment Experts | Blog

Online tutoring acts as a bridge connecting you to widely spread network of specialists and teachers in a variety of subjects and for all age groups. For instance, maybe you are facing problem in finding a good English teacher in your area. With online tutoring, you can access experts and teachers all across the nation.

Strategic Studying – How To Work Smart (Not Workhard) To Score Excellent Grades – All Assignment Experts | Blog

Almost all students are diligent and sincere with their studies. Most burn the midnight oil and try really hard to get good grades. But sometimes, even working really hard may not get you the grades you are looking for. Working hard is all fine for exam preparation, but sometimes what you need to do is work smart. Please note the key word here is ‘smart’. Cramming and memorizing details; that sums up a student’s life.

Master The Various Referencing Styles – All Assignment Experts | Blog

When students are asked to write an academic work, they are required to acknowledge the sources used. This is done by including the citation in the text like the author’s name or a number beside the material that has been used. This citation would lead the reader to the full reference which would be included in the list given at the end. Now there are established referencing styles and systems to which you reference your sources.