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Technology Rapid tooling

"First Part delivers a range of professional prototype service inculding rapid Injection tooling, rapid die casting, rapid sheet metal, rapid CNC machining, rapid CNC turning, CNC prototyping, Wire EDM, Prototype Extrusion.


First part provide a quick turn tooling service to manufacture thousands of parts. We can make the injection molding to 7+ working days / die casting tooling to 20-25 working days / sheet metal tooling to 7+ working days / silicone mould to 3+ days. We continuously work to further improve the effectiveness of our productions with higher quality.

Rapid Tooling | FIRSTPART

With the development of nearly ten years, First part has grown to be recognized as a leader and specialist in rapid tooling in China. We are focused on handling every aspect of your tooling needs.

Rapid injection Molding | FIRSTPART

Injection molding is the most commonly and widely used manufacturing process for the fabrication of plastic parts in industry.

Rapid die casting | FIRSTPART

First part is a world leading precision aluminum die caster. We have produced millions of aluminum die cast components, from one hundredth of a gram to one kilogram in size.

Rapid sheet metal | FIRSTPART

First Part is the leading provider of high-tech sheet metal component manufacturing machines in the industry, integrated with the most innovative software available. We offer every conceivable metal cutting and forming product.

Rapid Machining | FIRSTPART

First part offer strictly quick machining Prototypes. We are always rapid,always on Time. We are happy to get you a quote from qty 1 to hundreds of parts with completed pricing and running time.

Rapid CNC Machining | FIRSTPART

Rapid CNC machining is our core competency and that has given us all the competency of all the small volume works including rapid injection molding, die casting, because nearly all the small volume works need rapid tooling

Rapid wire EDM | FIRSTPART

FP’s foundation for success has been providing thousands of superior customer support andservice for over 10 years. We dedicated ourselves to advancing the technology and the quality of the EDM industry in China and worldwide EDM market.

Rapid Prototyping | FIRSTPART

Rapid Prototyping is our core competency, and that has given us all the competency of all the small volume works including rapid injection molding, die casting, because nearly all the small volume works need rapid tooling or post machining.

CNC prototyping | FIRSTPART

First part’s CNC prototype capabilities enable us to build your part in a short time by CNC milling or turning. We produce the finest, highly accurate parts, full-functioning engineering prototypes, piece parts and injection molds.

Metal forming & extrusion | FIRSTPART

First part provides complete customer solutions for the construction and production. We offer our experience as one of the world aluminum extrusion companies, and our complete range of standard and custom shapes enjoys heavy application in the mass transit and solar and renewable energy markets.


We now can offer SLA (stereolithography) and SLS (laser sintering) with FREE FINISHING thanks to Chinese low labor cost. 

Vacuum casting | FIRSTPART

Vacuum casting is ideal for producing small quantities of parts, especially if aesthetics are important.

After Treatment | FIRSTPART

 Most of the prototypes are made with treatments to a better cosmetic, rust protection or chemical and physical uses.

Case Studies | FIRSTPART

Product Presentation nterior LED Lamp, which is made of plastic and aluminum for illuminating in car compartments, In here, we would like to introduce two representative components: Reflector and Lens.

Rapid CNC Turning | FIRSTPART

First Part’s innovative precision turning services include CNC and manual prototype turning.Turning is a valuable machining process that is used to shape t

Debunking the Myths About Rapid Tooling

Although the rapid tooling technology, developments, and processes have transformed over the years, the very foundation of why this manufacturing process came about is still the same. That is the challenge to make a functional prototype and the method to produce them in small quantities fast and at low cost.

A Step by Step Guide - The Makings of an Injection Mold

You probably can’t tell at first sight, but nearly every single appliance or device you use these days has plastic parts integrated on it. As you begin to learn everything related to the world of plastic injection molding, the main basics of the process are to create a mold of the piece or part you are looking to replicate.

What are CNC machining services and its benefits?

Do you know what is CNC machining? If not then learn it here! It is a manufacturing process where pre-programmed computer application dictates the movement of industry tools as well as machinery. This process is used to control a wide range of multifaceted machinery, from lathes as well as grinder and routers. By the use of CNC machining, the 3D cutting task is accomplished in one set of prompts.

Everything that you need to know about CNC machining services | FIRSTPART

CNC machining is a manufacturing process that is deeply loved by customers. Know more about it and make full use of CNC machining.

5 Great Methods to make 3D Rapid Prototypes | FIRSTPART

3D Rapid Prototypes are increasingly popular options for the customers, which become more optimized. Check out the brief introductions of 5 methods.

Plastic injection molding - a brief about it | FIRSTPART

Plastic industry is growing at a rapid pace which is hard to match by any other industry. The innovation in them is made day by day and with every process of technology, new and different techniques are being developed to produce a new object from plastic.

Vacuum casting service and its benefit | FIRSTPART

Do you know what vacuum casting process is? If not then read this article you will come to know each and every detail about it!

Some Key Benefits For Using Rapid Tooling for Product Development and Design | FIRSTPART

One prominent challenge that the product designer’s face isn’t having the ability to make their clients to know how the product may feel and look.

5 reasons why CNC machining is preferred to traditional machining | FIRSTPART

Over the years, the low-volume manufacturing industry has experienced steady and consistent growth.