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Ski and Snowboard Manufacturer

GP87 is a global manufacturer of skis and snowboards. With manufacturing in Shenzhen, China; prototype capabilities in the USA; and sales and tech support located throughout North America, Europe and Japan.

Custom Snowboard Factory

GP87 is a global manufacturer of skis and snowboards. At GP87 we know how a snowboard or ski should look, feel and perform.

Tips on Choosing a Snowboard of Suitable Size | Ski and Snowboard Manufacturer

Picking a snowboard is an overwhelming task today. Various shapes, types, profiles, weight variations, and models create the dividers of even the most diminutive snow shops, and shopping on the web can be next to impossible in the event that you don't comprehend what you are searching for. In any case, the wide assortment of…




Be Part of the Snowboarding Culture and Enjoy Every Minute of it

The width of the waist is the measurement of the board at its slimmest point. The smaller the waist width the quicker the board responds to your turning movements.

Being a teenage kid you generally like do anything to everything that comes in your mind. In my case, snowboarding was it. A snowboard is not just a board but in fact, it is ‘love’ for those who play with motion physics just by riding it on snow.

GP87 - Private Label Custom Snowboard Manufacturers & Factory

We offer the best customed private label snowboards manufacturing in our high end facility factory in China and that�s too on very affordable price

Snowboard Business: What can you do to make you... - SKI AND SNOWBOARD PRODUCTION - Quora

Are you setting up your own snowboard business but hesitating in becoming the trader of existing brands? No worries because there are several reputed OEM snowboard manufacturers in the market which can provide you with private label snowboards. Indeed, selling snowboards of your own brand gives pleasure that can’t be traded by selling snowboards of other brands. But, here, I want to talk about a topic which generally an entrepreneur does not essentially need but once you know about it, there are greater chances of excelling in the snowboard business. So, what is it? Learn how to snowboard!

Choosing the right ski equipment- Important things to look for!!

If you are planning a trip down the icy slopes, you’ll need to ensure you’ve got all the right ski equipment, which includes boots, skis, the right clothing, and gear. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to choose the right equipment, we are here to help you.

Referral Guide To Evaluate The Performance Of Customized Snowboards And Skis

The custom ski factory in the USA serves 100% original and high-quality snowboarding products with customized design and style. Various international companies place their orders at custom sky factory for such products in order to give their customers the right choice of snowboarding essentials which not only promotes business growth but also prevents the risk factors.

Snowboarding is one of the sports that people living in snowy regions especially love. Many people across the globe dream of acing this sport. Although it is a lot of fun once you learn it, you still have a long way to go before you reach the point where you can confidently ride through the snow-clad mountains.

Get the best Snowboards for your Adventurous Snowboarding Activity

When going for the snowboarding activity in the winter season, get the best snowboards to make your riding experience memorable and fun. Your snowboards should be well-manufactured, consider reputed and experienced snowboard manufacturers to get your snowboard equipment.

Skiing or ski riding is a means of transport or an adventure sport using a pair of skis. When you are going on a ski ride on your winter vacation, it is very important to equip you with the right kinds of ski and safety equipment. Skiing is a way of gliding on the snow at a fast pace hence involves a high level of risks and danger.

5 Key Tips to Buy a Perfect Pair of Skis for Beginners

Buying ski equipment can be a challenging task, especially for beginners. Skiing is one of the most adventurous sports as it involves navigation of steep, crusty mountain that may go wrong if the equipment quality is compromised or you don’t feel compatible with your equipment. So, here, we are going to share some crucial tips from the perspective of a ski equipment manufacturer. Let’s check out what you should know.

Since everybody is enjoying the chilly weather and widespread snow, this is the best time of the year to explore the unlimited winter activities. Most people plan their holidays in winters especially to experience the joy and fun of snow sports in an environment fully covered with snow. Due to this, a rise in tourism is seen in different economies where people from different parts of the world visit chilled places to do snow activities such as skateboarding, sledding, surfing, and skiing.

Get The Best Quality Custom Style Ski Equipment as per Your Needs

Skiing is an adventure sport that is very popular among travelers during the winter season. A ski riding is gliding on the snow at a fast pace using a pair of skis. It is a high-risk game that requires a high level of skills and practice. When you are going for a ski ride, you need a pair of skis, boots & bindings, poles, helmet, ski suit, ski goggles, and skiing gloves. It is very important to equip yourself with the best quality equipment for safety purposes.

If you are purchasing your first set of skis then let me tell you that the task is not that easy as it might seem. Choosing that perfect pair of skis can be daunting, as today, there are different ski equipment manufacturers out there offering different types of skis to suit every skier’s preferences.

When buying your first pair of skis, it is also very crucial to consider the bindings. Keep in mind that the type of bindings you choose will greatly determine the type of skiing you’ll be doing, as well as, the type of skier you really are.

What Things to Consider When Buying a New Pair Of Skis? 5 Major Ones to Look For:

Choosing a new ski might feel an overwhelming task when you are surrounded by different types of skis. Bear in mind that finding that perfect one is not that easy as it may seem. However, finding the right pair of a ski can get a lot simpler when you know what to consider and how to narrow down different options.

When imagining your next winter vacation, have you ever wonder about, “the rush of the snow beneath your skies, the bracing air on your face, the frozen lakes compiled with uncrowned pistes”? Indeed, yes! Across the globe, many bucket list destinations are insanely famous for its bewitching views and ice sports. In the northern and southern hemisphere, there are several skiing resorts and snowboarding and skiing are plausible throughout the year as it is always snowing in some places.