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Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics build solution for manufacturing, banking and insurance, energy and utilities, retail and logistics, communication, healthcare and life sciences and many other sectors.

Why We Love Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing – Infographics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for marketing provides a proper framework for the businesses. It helps in the packaging, installing, and uninstalling components to match your business requirements and functionalities.

Why You Should Be Thinking Of Microsoft ERP?

​If statistics is anything to go by, one cannot undermine the significance of Microsoft ERP. With Microsoft Dynamics ERP it is possible to give your business better support so that it has sufficient room for growth and development.

How Microsoft CRM acts as a Liaison Between Sales and Marketing

In any company, one of the most necessary activity is to turn the leads in the marketing pipeline into clients. Comprehensive campaign planning matched with appropriate execution is very important for this to be accomplished.

Dynamics CRM is a Bundle of Joy For The Marketing Professionals

Every marketer wishes to hit the right cord with every campaign. The key objective of every marketing strategy is to catch the fancy of the highest number of people possible. However, on order to achieve the targets set by the marketers themselves, they really have to figure out most innovative ways as the completion around the world is growing like anything.

Dynamics CRM is What You Need to Reach The Pinnacle of Success In Terms Of Revenue!

Almost every one of us truly believes that the relationship that a company shares with the customers is directly proportional to their success. This is absolutely true as well. For any company be it a service provider or a good provider, good customer relationships play a major role when it comes to revenue generation and growth.

10+ Useful CRM Plugins For WordPress to Grow Your Business

If you’re looking for the best CRM plugins in WordPress for your business website, then you’ve come to the right place. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most important parts of any successful business. Having the largest number of clients is only half the work done in customer relations.

Interconnectedness and Collaboration With the Customer is the Key to a Company’s Success!

What does success really mean for a company? Is it just the increase in the numbers every quarter? Well, boosting numbers are certainly the most important success matrix for an organization. And, a lot of people judge a company’s success rate with respect to its revenue.

Company Needs To Secret Power Up The Productivity

Microsoft as we know is one of leading manufacturers of various solutions for business. Be it their very famous Customer Management Tool the Dynamics CRM or the fantastically developed Enterprise Resource Planning solution, Dynamics AX, the company is known to offer a wide range of extremely useful products to the business around the globe.

Dynamics AX is a Transformational Solution to Streamline the Business Operations!

Microsoft Dynamics AX, which is now named as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is company’s most advanced business solution for the business, with extremely adaptable and industry-specific features to empower even the most intricate of the organizations.

Aligning business processes with dynamics AX – challenges?

Microsoft Dynamics AX is amongst the leading ERP applications worldwide and has a track record of benefiting businesses through its end to end services and features.

Stop Messing Up Your Customer Relationships, Strengthen Them Via Dynamics CRM

The world has become extremely competitive and every organization is racing to become the best in its field. However, while conceptualizing strategies to become the best companies sometimes forget to take care of the most important aspect of their business, ‘the customers’.

Dynamics CRM Fuels up the Sales Initiatives, and Empowers the Marketing Teams!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has 3 major functionalities that includes sales, marketing and customer support. The software is known to be a boon for the customer support team. It helps them to not only streamline their workflow, but also helps to

Break All Customer Acquisition Records With Dynamics CRM!

Customer acquisition is the top priority of every business. An organization growth completely depends on the quality and quantity of customer acquisition. Therefore, most of the companies prioritize customer acquisition and most of their business strategies are curated to amplify customer’s interest and engagement.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one the topnotch CRM applications which is constantly evolving to meet the diversified demands of the companies. Every organization has to manage their customer relations in order to grow in numbers.

Exploring Batch Processing In Dynamics AX

Batch processing in Dynamics AX is a task-processing technique where users create batch jobs to organize tasks to be processed as a unit. Batch processing technique lets users schedule tasks and define the conditions under which they execute, add the tasks to a queue, and set them to run automatically on a batch server.

A Comprehensive Overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales

The CRM for Sales helps you to keep track of your accounts and contacts, nurture your sales from lead to order, create sales collateral, create marketing lists and campaigns, and even follow service cases associated with specific accounts or opportunities.

Steal The Limelight With Attractive Campaigns Using Dynamics 365

In this era where there is so much competition, and every company is trying to be the best, marketing plays a major role. Companies have to be very bang on with their marketing and sales strategies if they wish to establish a name for them in the market.

Interconnectedness,Collaboration is the Key to Success

The availability of the software on different platforms makes it convenient for the reps to maintain the online reputation of the company as well. Plus, with a bunch other Microsoft dynamics company has become a favorite tool of not just the customer support team but the marketing and sale teams as well.

Meet the Family of Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Microsoft is used across the globe for seamless functioning of business processes. It boosts performance by improving reporting, analysis, data integration and several other interesting features.

Do you need ERP in Manufacturing Industry?

The Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is the latest version of the ERP which is ideal for medium scale and large scale business enterprises. This ERP solution supports manufacturing and distribution units as well as it serves the buyers in multiple industry verticals.

7 Sure Steps Methodology To Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX

The Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is the latest version of the ERP which is ideal for medium scale and large scale business enterprises. This ERP solution supports manufacturing and distribution units as well as it serves the buyers in multiple industry verticals.

Microsoft Acquires New Technologies For Microsoft Dynamics AX

Technology has provided some great advantages and benefits to the mankind as there are many software and applications that are offering their services to the people to make their work easy. There are many software and applications that have been designed by various software companies and organizations.

Chain of Commands & Class Extension: Dynamics 365 For Finance & Operations

Recently update a latest & powerful feature in wrapping methods with Chain of Command in augmentation classes from Microsoft dynamics AX for Finance and Operations. This feature is allow to write much cleaner extensions with fewer lines of code.

Rights Required For Bulk Edit Records In Excel Online Within Dynamics 365 Online Customer Engagement

You recently went live and users are happy with the solution. After few days you get a request from the user that they want to bulk update the records for one of the entities. You check the Security Roles assigned to the user and find that the user has organization level Create, Update, Delete, Append, Append To rights on that entity.

Tips for using Personalized Email Content and CRM Language Translation

Delivery of customized email content, rancid through FreeMarker code is subject to numerous components, yet two of the most pervasive among these components are- "field types referenced" and "CRM language settings". As a worldwide association, ClickDimensions has clients utilizing its tool in a heap of languages.