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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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Top 5 Interview Questions for a Career change – How to ace your interview!

Interviewees usually come heavily equipped with their academic and professional background. The question is, is this enough to impress tough interviewers? Here are few questions you might want to look out for.


Why do you feel you are suitable for this position?

If you have decided that your current career path is not exactly where you see yourself, stepping out of that particular track and finding a new one is an obvious solution! Suppose you are taking quite a different direction from your current position, interviewers may see this as the perfect opportunity to corner you due to lack of experience in this specific field. This is also when the interviewee must take the opportunity to give interviewers what they are looking for. For example, consider the set of skills necessary for the current position and the set of skills you already possess. Look for the perfect balance between them to suit the current position and present this paired with devour and you’ll be sure to impress!


What is the drive behind your change in career choice?

This question is thrown at the interviewee to assess whether or not the willingness and motivation required to adjust to a new career path exist within the individual. Interviewers want to make sure that the interviewee is looking for a long-term stay rather than a just a few months of dillydallying. Begin answering by bringing up the positive outlook on the future of the industry whilst comparing it to the current industry. It is important to remember never to rundown your current company or sector, rather just bring to light a few mild issues, for instance, comment on the slow growth of the current industry slowing down your own growth and learning process. Also, be prepared by studying the field properly to showcase your ability to handle tasks proactively and with less supervision.


Do the current role you play and the role you intend to take over have anything in common?

If stepping into this new field is a first, the interviewer would need to be convinced that the interviewee is up for the challenges ahead. When answering this question, take into account the transferable skills you have acquired from the current job as well as previous job roles. For this, you might need to thoroughly study the job descriptions of both roles to layout a convincing answer.


Why would we think you have the potential to fill this position?

Taking in someone who does not have an ounce of experience in the field is indeed a big risk taken by the hiring manager. Therefore, this may lead to this question popping up at the interview! Take no offence, instead, win them over by talking about how fast a learner you are and how this allows you to better your performance compared to others. Don’t forget to give real-life experiences, perhaps from previous situations in other job roles.


Tell me more about our industry?

This is a crucial question that the interviewee must get right! Before the interview, you might want to take some time to do some research in the new field you intend to switch to. Assess the prospects and potholes in the sector. Keep in mind the growth possibilities, the position of the company and competitors so you will be able to provide a comprehensive and foolproof answer to the interview board. For example, if the position you are aiming for is in the industry of human resource management, software solutions such as those provided by OrangeHRM are among the new trends in the sector. Furthermore, being well prepared will allow you to answer questions with confidence earning you a few extra points in the process.