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Proofreading - Earn Money

Ediket is an online marketplace for freelance proofreading services. From academic papers to business plans, Ediket matches your writing with curate editors on demand to provide a grammar check and writing advice.

Introducing the Authors’ Corner – Ediket Blog

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” From quotes to book recommendations to classic author trivia, it's lit central for everything you need, word-wise. ^_~

How to Use an Appositive – ediket

“I called my friend, JJ, to tell him about all our plans!” Have you seen sentences like this that re-state the subject? The part that’s offset by commas re-names the subject, giving more specific information. This grammar structure is called an appositive, and you can use it to introduce or clarify the topic you’re writing about.…

To, too, or two? What word should I use?

To, too, and two are responsible for some of the most common mistakes, but they each belong in different contexts. The first of these, to, is actually a preposition. This little word connects ideas, explaining the target of the sentence.

Thirty Tips for Writing English Articles 1 – English Editing Services | Ediket

Chapter 1. Write Writing Strategy 1. Writing is different from writing. Write an article! Do not stop, do not erase, do not fix. Keep moving forward. Write, write and write the corrections later. The pursuit of perfection is your greatest enemy, especially at the beginning of your thesis editing & writing. 2. Create a layer of layers. Write a wide range…

How to Write a Formal Email – English Editing Services | Ediket

Need to write a message to your professor? Or to a boss or formal acquaintance? Follow this guide and you can be sure your letter is phrased appropriately and politely. As with many formal communications, there are just a few customary rules to follow… A Simple Subject Aside from the “To” address, the first thing you…

15 Things You Should not Write on Cover Letter – English Editing Services | Ediket

Whether or not you read your resume is often determined by your cover letter. You need to be able to demonstrate that you have enough knowledge of the companies and positions that are covered by the cover letter, and that the company has the qualities and experience you want, so you can tell more in your resume. Write a cover…

Resume (Resume) right tip

Today I'm going tell you a lot of tips to help you create a resume in English resume will also be necessary to resume working holiday, as well as foreign companies support! The submitted; (resume CV) Usually the self-introduction in English, when the support (cover letter) and CV to foreign companies.

TIP can complete the English paper – English Editing Services | Ediket

Derek Brown This is a "paper completion tip" for the professors preparing the paper. There is an impressive saying he advises on tips. 'I do not see many students who do not like to write in the Ph.D. Most of them enjoy writing. Or, at least, enjoy the satisfaction after writing. ' "No matter how…

Living English – Funny English – English Editing Services | Ediket

I'll tell you five funny English expressions today. Could English study be fun? I really do not want to study since I was really young. I can hardly study the words to memorize the books and report books, but I still find funny expressions, so I guess it is funny ~ ^ ^ Five expressions…

Resume writing - Professional Experience

Professional Experience is one of the most challenging items to write in English Resume .
You must convince yourself that you are well prepared for the job you are supporting with your own experience and abilities.

English Interview – Remember STAR rules! – English Editing Services | Ediket

I'll give you four special rules to appeal your ability today. Our English interviews are often competency based interviews! This type of interviewing can be a way for the applicant to elicit his or her past career and to draw specific examples of his or her excellence in the fields he has supported. So the best way to deal…

Why you Should Make Proofreading Part of your Content Strategy

Good content communicates immediately. It tells you what you want to know, without distractions. A writing mistake is a distraction that decimates the value of your message—it throws the reader into a critical perspective and undercuts any credibility you had. When that happens, any cost or effort you put into producing your content goes to waste.

Skills You Need to Start Your Freelance Proofreading Hustle – English Editing Services | Ediket

Want to earn extra cash just by using language know-how you already have? Proofreading can be just the solution. Like writing and staying in the comfort of your own home? Freelancing lets you work on your own terms. You don’t have to answer to anyone or keep a strict 9-5. Start making money on your…

The 12 applicants’ attitudes confirmed by the recruiter – English Editing Services | Ediket

Attitude is as important as the ability to pick employees.  It is so natural that it may be easier to overlook.  Write your resume and your self-introduction, taking into consideration the 12 attitudes of the applicants identified by the recruiters and Resume proofreading services. Positive attitude Employees with a positive attitude can only be preferred…

List of English verbs for 'Research Paper-Research Report' 1

Research Paper Editing Services is much better than just English verbs .
Instead of simply saying see / looked / did / said,
try modifying your research report with the following list of English verbs!

A collection of useful expressions when writing English essays or writing – English Editing Services | Ediket

There is nothing more effective than a rich vocabulary and a variety of expressive powers to instill a stereotypical feeling and immerse the reader in the 🙂essay. Essentially, it is essential to logically describe the point in an essay or thesis, even if it is not immersive. When writing, especially when writing an English essay, the…

English E-mail – English Editing Services | Ediket

If you want to make a difference in your English email that starts the same day every day, save a variety of introductory presentations today! Formal English email greeting Allow Me to Introduce Myself Good afternoon Good morning How are you? Hope this email finds you well I hope you enjoyed your weekend I hope you’re doing…

Things to know when writing English letters – English Editing Services | Ediket

First, the letter format can be divided into five broad categories: 1. Introduction  2. Greeting  3. Body  4. End Greeting  5. Signature It is not necessary to be tied to the format, but if you need to write letters, especially formal letters,  it is recommended to write them in a frame . 1. HEADING   The heading…

How Proofreading Can Take The Stress Out Of Thesis Writing – English Editing Services | Ediket

Almost ready to graduate? …except for your thesis? It’s the last big hurdle before you can claim all your hard work, but it’s one that has caused many to fail to grasp that actual diploma. It’s understandably intimidating: a document dozens of pages long meant to capture the critical essence of your education and not…

Skills You Need to Start Your Freelance Proofreading Hustle with Infographic – English Editing Services | Ediket

Want to earn extra cash just by using language know-how you already have? English Proofreading Service can be just the solution. Like writing and staying in the comfort of your own home? Freelancing lets you work on your own terms. You don’t have to answer to anyone or keep a strict 9-5. Start making money…