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Tree Removal in Adelaide by CTL Services. With over 29 years of experience in professional garden and tree maintenance we offer tree cutting & pruning, stump removal services at low cost. Call 0411 550 409 - Your trusted tree removal company in Adelaide.

How to Know if my Tree has Termites – Signs of Termites

Here are the signs that you should be watchful for termites. Get alarmed when you see flying termites or swarms in the garden; it is a matter of concern.

Why Tree Pruning Or Lopping Adelaide Is Best Done In Winter

Maintenance of trees is an ongoing
process. There is no ‘good time’ or ‘bad time’ for tree pruning. However, many
people think that winter is not an appropriate season for it. On the contrary, it is the right
time for pruning; experts say. For fruit-bearing trees, it maximizes fruit

How Much Does Tree Removal Adelaide Cost?

Everyone knows that you love trees unconditionally and unlimitedly. However, at times, situations arise when you have to take the tough decision of removing a tree from the backyard. sometimes, your favorite tree gets affected by insects or diseases.

How to Protect Young Trees From Freezing Winter

Freezing winters are troublesome for everybody; for you, for your pets and the trees in your backyard. Notably, young trees are more susceptible to the damage. Some people think that the trees have a natural resistance to the winters, and therefore, no need of taking extra care of them.

Using a Stump Grinder For Complete Tree Removal Adelaide

Is it a daunting task to get rid of those awkward-looking stumps from your garden? Well, it is not if you have the right tools and equipment. Or you have the contact number of one of the superior stump removal experts in the town. The best thing to remove the stump is a stump grinder.

All You Want to Know About Dead Trees in Adelaide.

Who can decide that a tree is dead? Of course, you can identify it by looking at some signs, but only an arborist is the right person to decide about it. You must keep in mind that the signs of a dead tree and a dormant tree are similar.

During A Windstorm in Adelaide, One Of The First Priorities Is Tree Removal

Have you experienced a windstorm ever? Well, the question is irrelevant if you are a resident of Adelaide. They are quite common there. You must know very well that the biggest threat in a windstorm is falling of trees.

Post Storm Tree Care Services Adelaide: What You Need To Know

You are quite familiar with the havoc that a storm creates in your backyard if you are a resident of Adelaide. Yes, the season takes a toll on trees, and it becomes inevitable to call an expert tree care service that helps in saving your home and other things from the damage.

What are the factors that Influence the cost of Tree Removal in Adelaide

Why do you need a professional tree removal service in Adelaide? Drying trees or dead trees or trees damaged by the storm may become a threat to your life. Sometimes, the roots get damaged, and the tree becomes weak. Hence, it has to be removed.

Top 5 Tips To Maintaining Garden Trees in Adelaide

What is the best time to plant a tree in your garden? Well, anytime is the best time. You can prepare the ground, plant the tree and look after it. You can see it growing high, up to the sky gradually.

Tree Removal - What You Should Know About Tree Removal

When you live in a house surrounded by trees, it is a soothing experience. A garden around the house keeps the air fresh and clean, and you are saved from the scorching summers.