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Waters International

Waters International is a company dealing in capital drilling equipment. We have a large collection of industrial drilling rigs mud pumps, surplus oilfield equipment, triplex mud pumps, mud tanks, rotary tables and many other drilling products. We also provide mud pump parts and accessories.


Weight Indicators- Waters International

Weight Indicators- Waters International

Watch this image of Waters International showing the weight indicators used in drilling equipment. To buy these indicators at reasonable prices visit their website.


Blowout Preventers by Waters International

Blowout Preventers by Waters International

This image of Waters International shows the blowout preventers offered by them. They are one of the best providers of drilling equipment for sale and rent. Visit them today.


Waters International Offers Rental Drilling Equipment

Waters International Offers Rental Drilling Equipment

Check out this image of Waters International showing the Rental Drilling Equipment. They offer weight indicators, blowout preventer and many more. Visit the website, fill out the contact us form and get more info about it.


Draw works by Waters International

Draw works by Waters International

Check out this image of draw works offered by Waters International. It is an important part of a drilling rig and come in various varieties of AC, DC or mechanical operations. Buy today.


Drilling Rental Equipment by Waters International

Drilling Rental Equipment by Waters International

Waters International offer rental drilling equipment. They offer weight indicators, blowout preventer and many more. To know more about it, visit their website.

How to Choose the Right Oil Field Equipment Supplier?

Every oilfield deserves efficient equipment that can function round-the-clock, with minimal supervision and servicing in the long run. Keep this in mind when choosing a good oilfield equipment supplier that can provide high-quality drilling and retrieval machinery, including solids control equipment, mud tanks, electric and diesel mud pumps. Apart from that, be sure to look into the following factors when choosing an equipment supplier:

Advantages of Mud Pump Rental

Drilling equipment will tend to be among the biggest investments you will ever make for your oil and gas drilling business, as they typically require a hefty amount of capital to buy. But if you are on a tight budget, you do not have to worry about over-spending when you can choose to rent essential equipment, like mud pumps. The service is offered by reputable oil and gas drilling equipment providers. Mud pump rental will easily get you started in your drilling operations with minimum capital, and as long as you pick the right provider, you should also find it cost-effective in the long run.

3 Ways to Buy Used Oilfield Equipment in Good Condition – Waters International Inc.

Heavy machinery used in oilfield explorations are huge investments. Whether you are new to the industry or would like to expand your venture, acquiring equipment is something that you should spend time planning for, especially with the kind of capital that it requires to purchase machinery. There are several ways that you can secure oilfield equipment for most any kind of application your operation requires or calls for, including buying brand new, procuring used or reconditioned equipment, and renting machinery, all of which have their own pros and cons, which you should consider, based on your current and future needs.

5 Considerations Before Buying Oilfield Equipment in Houston

Buying used equipment is common practice for oilfield companies, especially those wishing to cut capital costs and make the most out of their operational budget. Just the same, used equipment have their downside, the most significant of which is wear and tear from their previous working environment. This is why it is important to thoroughly check the equipment’s service history when procuring used machinery as assets for your own business. Here are important considerations you should make when buying oilfield equipment, particularly used units for your operations:

A Buyer’s Guide to Hydraulic Catheads

A successful of oil and gas drilling and exploration process can depend on the type of equipment you use, as well as its quality. Hydraulic catheads are among the necessary things you will need to ensure accurate and smooth torque to break out and make up standard and premium drill collars and drill pipes. They are critical in the application of the right connection torque, as well as in reducing the chances of connection failure and minimizing wear on costly drill string components. Waters International carries a wide variety of hydraulic catheads that are ready to ship and use on your job site. Here is a guide to help you pick the right product:

Pros and Cons of Drilling Equipment Rentals

Capital costs of an oil and gas drilling and exploration business will typically go to equipment. To save money, you need to consider drilling equipment rentals over purchasing, especially when you need them only for a short period of time. It will be more cost-effective in the long run, and you will not have to worry about depreciation. With today’s unpredictable market, buying new or used equipment could be costly and may take a toll on your resources, particularly when your business is new and thriving. This makes renting more practical and cheaper.

Uses and Benefits of Oilfield Equipment

Sophisticated Houston oilfield equipment is the lifeline of any oil production company, without which, oil explorations will be difficult to impossible to do. With almost every industry depending on oil, the demand for this precious commodity can only be expected to rise, which is why oil and gas companies are under such high pressure to produce enough supply to cater to the needs of the world. Procuring oil and gas entails an involved process that requires proper and reliable Houston oilfield equipment. Fortunately, companies like Waters International Inc. offer an ample supply of heavy duty and high-quality oil and gas drilling equipment designed for reliable operation in all kinds of oil fields.

All You Need to Know About Oil and Gas Drilling Equipment

Oil and gas companies play a crucial role in the global economy. An industry that employs millions and produces some of the most sought-after commodities in the world, it is easy to see why more and more companies invest in oil and gas exploration. Over the last decades, the oil and gas market has shown no signs of slowing down, especially now that even more reserves are being discovered and are projected to allow sufficient oil production for the next 5 decades. All these said, oil and gas exploration and production will be impossible without the right oil and gas drilling equipment.

Where to Find Used/New Oil And Gas Drilling Equipment For Sale?

Purchase of oilfield equipment involves a huge investment. It is not possible for each and every business to go in for such a huge investment. When you contact an established oilfield equipment seller, they will not only offer you with new oil drilling equipment but also they will offer you lease or provide you with used oilfield drilling equipment for sale.

Oilfield Equipment For Sale On Catchy Offers

Oilfield equipment is used in the extraction of oil and it requires numerous equipment which works together in the extraction of the oil. It is a continuous process and the equipment used for it must not only be efficient but also should function round-the-clock.


A drilling machine is considered to be equipment which is used in the Earth’s surface to extract gas, water, or petroleum.

Here’s Where you Can Find the Best Houston Oilfield Equipment

The industry of construction in the oilfield is rapidly growing at a faster pace. To get the next project of oilfield running and up, you need to have the sophisticated Houston oilfield equipment.

Important tips to find the best rental drilling equipment on the internet

Buying or rental drilling equipment has always been a debate that most of the construction companies have had since so many years. In recent years, the trend has been shifted to trending. There are various reasons for this.

How to find used Oilfield equipment for sale in Texas?

ost of the businesses prefer to bring new equipment if the old one doesn’t work, but there are times when you prefer to buy used oilfield equipment for sale Texas. While it might not be different from making a new purchase, it is the process that can take time. Some of the things that needs to be kept in mind while looking at the used equipment comprises of price, quality, and buying experience.

  • Since its establishment in 1970, Waters International has come a long way and established itself as a reliable and a leading provider of oil and gas drilling equipment for sale and rent. Right from the beginning, the leadership in our company has collected in-depth experience of the oil and gas business and developed a clear understanding of its nature too. We go all-out to provide complete customer satisfaction quickly and effectively.

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