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Fun Golf Facts - Contrary to Popular Belief

Though golf is a dying sport, it is still a somewhat popular hobby. It may not seem interesting to watch but these facts are sure to make you wonder!



Golf is synonymous with Tiger Woods. It doesn't come as a surprise because he has won 77 PGA tournaments so far and about $100 million dollars in prize money! A Golf course typically has 18 holes


Want your ball to travel far? Play during summer!

Golf balls are made of rubber. So, during hot weather, the ball gets warmer, which in turn makes the rubber more resilient and elastic, thus being capable of travelling far!


Not just meant for Earth!

Golf happens to be the only sport that was played on the moon by Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr!


Sand-mounds to fancy Tees

The gold tee became popular only during the 1920s. Before that, players had to shape mounds of sand on which the ball will be placed. Little inventions have come a long way!


Evolution of the golf ball

They were initially made of feathers and wrapped in leather and were used until the mid-1800s, after which came the balls made of wood. However, at present, they are made of rubber and have 336 dimples on average. These dimples are not for decorative purposes; they are placed symmetrically and uniformly so that the ball doesn't wobble. The purpose of the dimples is to create a thin layer of air that clings to the surface of the ball, allowing the air to flow smoothly along with the surface of the ball.


Golf is good for the mind and body

What is good about walking around the field hitting a ball, you ask? Well, it is certainly not as easy as it sounds! If it were, there would be many more golfers it wouldn't be a dying sport! Playing golf requires you to analyse and challenge your brain! Besides, a golf course is so peaceful and refreshing. It will help you de-stress and relax. Apart from that, it serves as a good sport, especially for the middle-aged and older crowd as it requires walking a lot. Did you know the golden number for weight loss is 10,000 steps a day? This can be easily achieved on a typical golf. Due to its positive effect on the mind and body, hotels and resorts nowadays have their own golf course. Even if you plan a getaway to Thailand, as a person who enjoys playing golf as a hobby, one of the things to do in Hua Hin Thailand would definitely be to check out the golf course at Anantara Hua Hin Resort and Spa, and try to sink a hole-in-one!



Refers to when the ball is hit from the tee and ends in the cup. This is a rare occurrence in gold and requires a great deal of skill, precision, and luck! AN average golfer has a 1 in 12,500 probability of making a hole-in-one. Tiger Woods was 9 years old when he scored his first hole-in-one. Coby Orr was the youngest golfer to sink a hole-in-one, at the age of 5!


An elitist sport

Golf is considered an elitist game, simply because, in some countries, it is an expensive sport. This is probably because it requires plenty of land and not all countries or cities have the capacity to own one.