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05 Marvellous Benefits of Beach Yoga – Amplify Your Beach Holiday

Yoga by the beach! Sounds wonderful, does it not? How about yoga on a sun bleached white sand beach? Now, consider the benefits of yoga, the Maldives and adventures to last a lifetime? Do read on!


Yoga by the Beach offers Relaxation and Creativity

There are some experts who believe all people are equipped with a state of 'blue mind'; which is explained as being a slight meditative state, with the power to induce peacefulness, calm and unity; thus creating a general state of 'happiness and satisfaction of life'. This 'blue state' is often induced when one is within close proximity to water, thus yoga by the beach helps our minds to achieve a position of soft attention. This means our brains become relaxed, helping a clear flow of thoughts, inducing creativity and a sense of well-being. Anxiety, sleep disorders and pain, are greatly reduced when you practise yoga by the sea.


Yoga Works Well with Nature

This means, you need to combine your yoga session with nature, and nothing is more beautiful than the sea in front of your Maldives beach villa. With island resorts like Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort offering direct beach access, it is easy to head out to the beach for an early morning session of yoga. The outdoors is believed to enhance the benefits of exercise, by a large measure. The air, full of iodine and fresh dollops of oxygen, helps rejuvenate those tired muscles, and as sea air is known to improve immunity and increase metabolism, your breathing techniques and asana's, reap the full benefits. Besides, staying at Maldives five star resorts will ensure beautiful seaside settings to enjoy your yoga session.


The Beach Makes Sure Your Muscles Get a Good Workout

Exercising on a sandy beach helps strengthen muscles which you would otherwise not use. Secondary muscles of hips, feet, shoulder joints and knees are used in order to help the body maintain balance on an unstable surface. Thus you will find that balancing poses become more fun, and more challenging; helping you feel happy, after having achieved a good workout.


You Get Loads of Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is a serious disorder; Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is an all too common ailment which must be treated with the use of special lights. Thus, being out in the sun alleviates a number of ailments, and even prevents depression. Even disease like Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and some cancers, can be staved off when one receives enough sunlight, hence, when in sunny Maldives, make the most of the golden sunlight on offer, and enjoy those energising yoga sessions.


Yoga By the Sea Lifts Your Mood

Exercising outdoors is very beneficial, and when this is by a body of water the benefits are immense. The practice helps alleviate anger, tension, stress and disorder while boosting, energy, happiness and satisfaction. Yoga by the sea, induces a state of calm and relaxation, helping increase your focus and understanding of life. The result; you are in a good mood the entire day!