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ORB Lawyers

Criminal Lawyer Adelaide. Are you looking for the best defence lawyer Adelaide, Christies Beach, Wayville or in Southern Suburbs? ORB Lawyers offers affordable legal services throughout Adelaide. Call ORB Lawyers - on 08 8384 3430.

Tips for Choosing the Defence Lawyer to Represent You

What is most important aspect when you are charged with a crime? It is choosing the right lawyer who can represent you in the best manner.

What to do when you are being investigated for criminal offense?

In your wildest of the dream also you don’t see yourself being investigated by the police for a criminal offense. Do you visualize something like that? We are sure certainly won’t!

How To Get A Divorce In Adelaide?

Law Advisor helps everyone understand, protect and enforce their legal rights by connecting people with top lawyers and their trusted advice.

Situations When One Would Need To Hire An Employment Lawyer in Adelaide

Who wishes to visit the office of a lawyer? Well, nobody does that. However, there are situations when we find ourselves there.

It is said that lawyers are the society’s professional problem solver. Yes, whether it is a legal dispute over family matter, a criminal case or property matter; they can provide guidance and advice in every situation.

Your Family Affairs Matters: Get A Family Lawyer Adelaide Now

When there is a situation of fighting for the custody of your kid, or a nasty divorce petition, or any other family matter; you need the support of a seasoned family lawyer. He or she is the person who not just thinks from the legal perspective but considers the human aspect as well.

Working With Estate and Wills Lawyers Adelaide

When it comes to dealing with the matters of estate or wills, it is not a wise thing to choose ‘do-it-yourself- option. Yes, it is a specialized area where you need the help of specialists. When there are several qualified lawyers around, you need to know what are the unique properties that segregate an extraordinary lawyer from ordinary ones.

Tips On Choosing The Very Best Traffic Lawyer in Adelaide

Did you receive traffic ticket recently? If yes, then it is
high time you should hire a traffic lawyer. Didn’t find the idea convincing?
Well, you don’t need it in all the cases for sure. However, in a complex
situation, you need it.

What Kind of Cases Do Family Lawyers Adelaide Deal With?

Even if you haven’t come across any family lawyer, you must be having a fair idea about his work profile. He is quite a familiar character in TV shows and movies.

What Does An Employment Lawyer in Adelaide Do?

Did you always wonder about the cases an employment lawyer deal with? Yes, very few people know about it. The blog tells you about some important tasks that a proficient employment lawyer Adelaide performs.

Child Custody Problems - Three Common Issues That Can Cause headaches In Child Custody Cases in Adelaide

When a skilled family lawyer takes your case for child custody, he tries his best to turn the case in your favor. A family dispute involves many sensitive issues, and child custody is one of them. To convince the court about your claim for it; every point has to be put systematically.

How to Find a Qualified Adelaide Traffic Lawyer Posted: October 22, 2018 @ 9:21 am

When you hire a qualified lawyer in Adelaide, it is vital that you get the best legal assistance to help protect your fundamental rights. You must remember that hardly five percent people try to fight their tickets properly. The fact is; there is an excellent chance of decreasing the charges so that your driving record remains intact if the case is defended well. Don’t overestimate your skills of fighting a ticket. Instead. Hire a skilled and seasoned lawyer.

5 Reasons Why You Need an Employment Lawyer in Adelaide » Dailygram ... The Business Network

Do you think employment lawyers are required only when there is a dispute between the employee and the employer? Well, you are wrong if you have that perception. There are several situations when you need this legal expert. He might become instrumental in making the things simple.

Working With Estate and Wills Lawyers Adelaide - What You Need To Know

Everyone who wants to manage the assets well and handover the same to the loved ones need an
wills & estate lawyer Adelaide. It is said that a will should be drafted with utmost care. Since it will be read after your demise, there should not be any confusion and ambiguity. The objectives you wish to address should be addressed well. Care for the distribution of your asset or protecting it from tax liabilities.

Consult a Divorce Lawyer Adelaide when Faced With an Impending Divorce | | Werk

A divorce lawyer Adelaide is a person that people meet when there is an unpleasant turn in life; the end of a relationship! Though it is quite a frustrating situation, the best way to deal with it is taking consultation of somebody who knows the legal aspects of it. Since these lawyers are not like other commercial or property lawyers that people see from time to time for a different transaction over many years; you must know the ways of finding the best.

Employment Lawyer Adelaide - Protecting Your Rights at Work

As an employee, it is your right to be adequately treated and paid legally for your work. As an employer, it is your right to get the appropriate output from the employees. As an employee, you must fulfill the job responsibilities honestly and diligently.

If you are looking for Employment Lawyers in Adelaide - Call ORB Lawyers on 8384 3430 or visit

Five Ways a Custody Lawyer Adelaide Can Help You Win

The ideal way to resolve the disagreements and dispute between a couple is to bridge the communication gap. When both come one step forward with the open mind, conflicts dissolve. 

How a Good Traffic Lawyer Adelaide Can Get Your Case Dismissed - FoodTube®

It is a frustrating moment to receive a traffic ticket, but it sometimes happens unavoidably. You pay the ticket, but you really don’t know how is it going to affect you?
Yes, going to the court is not an easy thing. First is you have to apply for a leave, and secondly you need to spend the whole day there just unproductively.

Lawyers - What to Look For When You're Seeking a Lawyer in Adelaide

A lawyer Adelaide fights the legal case on your behalf. He is not just a legal expert, but a counselor, consultant, and friend who helps in the tough time. 

Find an expert criminal defense lawyer in Adelaide with these 7 Key Questions

If there were no bad people, there were no good lawyers. Well, it is a judgmental statement.
You may need an Adelaide criminal lawyer without being a so-called “bad person”. 

Choose A Lawyer in Adelaide According To Your Case Type

Do you think that finding a Lawyer Adelaide could be a daunting task?
Well, it is if you are not prepared well. If you haven’t used a lawyer so far
or the lawyer who has been rendering you the services doesn’t deal with the particular
niche you need, then it becomes mandatory to search another one. In such a situation,
you need to proceed carefully. - ORB LAWYERS - Get Out on Bail by Hiring a Criminal Lawyer Arrest Expert in Adelaide

Once being arrested, the most critical step is to hire a qualified criminal lawyer Adelaide defense attorney who is an arrest expert. He can give you advice about the case, and help you arrange the bail.

How Much is a Good Defense Lawyer Adelaide Worth?

You need an expert defense lawyer to build your case promisingly. It requires some research to find out who should represent you. When you hire a lawyer, who is transparent and honest, it makes you relieved about the result.

An Employment Lawyer in Adelaide can help you win your case

An employment lawyer Adelaide a person who looks after the cases related to employment disputes. He checks every aspect of the case minutely and presents it well.

All you want to know about divorce and child care rights for fathers across Adelaide

Divorce and childcare rights are vast to understand. Here are some important points you should know. These are some fundamental rights that exist in Australia. If you are looking for divorce Lawyer Adelaide – Call ORB Lawyers on 8384 3430 or visit:-

Adelaide’s Trusted Defence & Criminal Lawyer

Whether you need help with criminal or defence law matters, family law or any other type of legal issue, you’ll need reliable legal advice on hand to offer assistance when it’s required. The legal system can be difficult and confusing to understand, but with the experienced solicitors at ORB Lawyers on board, the process is made much less stressful.