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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 21, 2020
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10 Facts You Should Know About the Chinese Language – An in-depth Experience of Mandarin

You find Chinese everywhere. North, south, east or west there is definitely going to be a Chinese you will likely bump into. If you are keen on learning Chinese, best be aware of the below facts.


A well-spoken language

Mandarin Chinese is spoken by nearly 100 million natives who are located all over the world! This actually breaks a record. If you learn Chinese, you are likely to be able to communicate with at least 13% of the world's population. In a time where so much gets lost in translation, this is a huge advantage.


A unique tone

Although commonly believed as otherwise, there are just 4 tones mainly used in Mandarin Chinese. The 5th tone is considered the neutral tone. The best way to practice tones is to interact with the Chinese. You can get started at your accommodation itself. Whether you are staying at Citadines Intime City Hangzhou or any other Hangzhou accommodation, make sure you practice your Chinese with all the locals you come across.


A world of words

The Chinese vocabulary is huge. After all, it does stem from a set of 50,000 characters. For many beginners learning the letters alone is a daunting task. But be sure to stick to your task for it gets easier along the way.


Simple Chinese Grammar

The silver lining to all the complex facts you hear about learning Chinese is the fact that the grammar part in learning the language is actually not that difficult. In fact, Chinese grammar is very simple.


Get familiar with Chinese online slang

Like any other language, there is a good deal of slang even in Chinese. After all the Chinese are a creative bunch and they have created an entirely different version of Chinese that is popularly used in the online world. If you want to be at the top of your game with Chinese best you get familiar with this online slang.


English influence on Chinese

The influence of English is very much evident in the Chinese language and this is not confined to online slang. In fact, Mandarin has plenty of loan words that have been taken from the English language.


It is the fastest growing language in the West

Everybody wants to know Mandarin. It is taught in many private schools in the West and it has become the fastest growing language in the West.


Making use of different parts of your brain

According to recent research, learning and using the Chinese language unlocks different parts of your brain. When speaking Chinese, both the temporal lobes of the brain are used, whereas English speakers only use the left side of the brain.


Measuring in Chinese is tricky

This is perhaps one of the most troublesome parts of learning the language. Figuring out the extent of measuring quantities is a tricky task in the Chinese language.


Plenty of entertainment

Finally, you can reward yourself for learning Chinese by enjoying the Chinese entertainment out there. The Chinese film industry is quite big by itself.