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Headline for Top Cuisines in Shenzhen – Delectable Dishes from the Far East
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Top Cuisines in Shenzhen – Delectable Dishes from the Far East

With the type of food that is served in Shenzhen, governments need not worry about inducing tourists to visit. With twists to Cantonese food, the people of Shenzhen have proven their knack to cook.


The Timeless Dim Sum

Wise men in the days of yore recommended that breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Dig into a dim sum served in this part of the world at the crack of dawn and you will be yearning to jump off the bed for your morning meal every day. It is a not so distant cousin of wontons and dumplings and it is often served along with tea. Since the Chinese are well known for their green tea consumption, if you are in luck, a tea break does include a platter of dim sums to choose from.



Dine in style at the Schenzen restaurants as they serve their famous wood-fired Beijing duck, which draws in the crowds. Even at apartments in Schenzen that serve lunch meals, the many faces of duck dishes are fairly easily found. One must not confuse mock duck with duck as the former is a vegetarian option and has a lower demand than the latter. The curried versions of duck are also as good as the wood fired ones but it all depends on each individual's taste.


The Chinese Hotpot

If you're unfamiliar with what a hotspot is, think of it as a large simmering pot of soup filled with large portions of meat, vegetables, seafood and dumplings to add a delectable flavour. Its aromatic and comforting concoction of flavours in one pot, perfect for sharing with friends or family make the dish a household favourite. Busy locals find the hotpot to be a convenient dish to prepare and offer their children.


The Spice of Sichuan

You will also bump into spicy Sichuanese cuisine while you meander through the streets close to Ascott Maillen Schenzen. Contrary to common belief, it seems that the patrons of those places that serve Sichuanese food seem to be those who love flavour and spice. Hence, if you want to really expose yourself to a culinary adventure, Sichuan food is a good option to consider as long as you have some sugar on your person and a bottle of chilled water by your side.


From Across the Seas

If by any chance you are feeling a little homesick or you are just looking for a change of scenery from all the authentic Chinese flavours, then you don't need to look far. They offer you authentic flavours from the Mediterranean, Italy, USA, neighbouring country Japan and a few other parts of the globe. The crowning glory of most places is their burger, even though it is not the greatest option for someone who is health conscious. The teas, coffees and sweets are equally delectable with the Chinese sweets and lychees taking centre stage in most dessert menus much to the delight of the travellers. The locals thrive on tea and this is reflected before, during and after a meal.