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Marketing Automation Software

Frontline Telemarketing providing you the best marketing automation software - a smart way to generate sales lead for building & construction industries. Call now.


Inbound Marketing V Outbound Marketing - Frontline Telemarketing

Find the right customers for your business and analysis your entire marketing efforts and plans using inbound lead generation methodology. Get a clear guidance now.

Inbound Marketing Explained - Frontline Telemarketing

Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing strategies

With the rise of the internet and digital marketing there are now 2 types of stategies to promote your business, Inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

As time goes by more businesses are swaying towards the new Inbound marketing methods but old traditional outbound methods still play a vital part in winning new customers.

A closer look at inbound marketing and outbound marketing

When using Inbound marketing, attention is naturally drawn to your product and brand online. The more your business offers in the way of the latest industry news, product reviews and general help and advice the more of a trusted source you become.

What is Marketing Automation software - Frontline Telemarketing

What is Marketing Automation software?

Though most of you have heard the phrase “marketing Automation” not so many know exactly what it is and how powerful it can be to the success of your business.

Wikipedia definition,

Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.

We try to simplify that further by saying,“it is a central platform to send out all of your digital marketing under one roof whilst tracking and joining all the dots together of their interaction with your business”.

Marketing Automation for Business owners - Frontline Telemarketing

Marketing Automation software has many benefits for sales and marketing teams BUT its ultimately about increasing profit that counts.

In this digital age everything can be analysed and all areas of a business can be measured. If you do not embrace technology and future-proof your business, you may well get left behind.

Business owners can now see exactly what is making them money and what is not! Marketing Automation software allows you to implement a scientific process that will test, analyse and report everything that goes on in your sales process.

Marketing Automation benefits sales and marketing - Frontline Telemarketing

**Marketing Automation benefits sales and marketing.


An Unqualified lead can seriously reduce a sales persons productivity plus it can waste a lot of their time dealing with prospects that are just not ready to engage. Making sure your whole team is aligned on what criteria makes a good lead and having a Marketing Automation platform in place for intelligence is vital for success.


The magic of valuable leads


Leads are like crops. They can be grown and get left to survive on their own or they can be nourished. Marketing automation gives leads the nourishment that they need to grow stronger and marketing teams the muscle they need to nurture leads more effectively. If you track these leads effectively, you can understand the additional content and strategies needed to further the growth. Then you can guide them the rest of the way through the buying funnel.

The buyers journey has changed forever - Frontline Telemarketing


The Buyers Journey has changed forever


According to research, buyers are interacting with sales people less and less. Research also shows that around the first 69% of the buying journey is done online before even speaking to a sales person.

It doesn’t matter if the product or service is complex either. Buyers still prefer to research the product on their own and make a calculated decision. There are just so many purchasing options to choose from, and an endless amount of information and reviews to provide everything you would need to know beforehand.

Why an Agency can help with your marketing automation platform - Frontline Telemarketing

What are the pros and cons of Marketing Automation software?

The time is now! If you’ve ever been curious about marketing automation software, then you are not alone, and it’s time to see what everyone is talking about. Modern technology is advancing so fast that a quarter of all B2B companies are already using Marketing Automation and as much as 50% looking to implement it within the next 6 months.

Businesses which already use this software, already see the amazing benefits of its usage. The ability to monitor buyer’s behavior and past habits is invaluable. After all, actions of the past have an influence on actions of the future. They also provide insight on the decision buyers are bound to take in future situations.

That’s not all that marketing automation can do either. This technology can also send personalized messages and implement programs to nourish prospective leads during the marketing and sales process.

Marketing Automation - Top Lead Generation Companies

*How Marketing Automation Benefits Marketing
Marketing departments benefit from marketing Automation by,

Capturing and analysing data from multiply sources within one single area
Focusing on companies with an interest in your products/services
Integrating marketing activities with sales to create a seamless experience for buyers
Developing relationships from the very start of a customer’s buying cycle
Timing your messages for maximum impact
A complete overview of your Prospects interaction

Managing your marketing using separate systems that don’t talk to each other is near impossible to get an accurate and complete overview of your prospects and customers behaviour. If you are sending out and monitoring marketing material via email systems, web analytics, PPC trackers, social media platforms you will have an array of valuable data on individuals BUT not viewable from a single platform.

Should my business have a Marketing Automation Platform - Frontline Telemarketing

Everyone within the marketing world has heard the term “Marketing Automation” but still so many businesses are struggling to understand the simplicity of how important it is becoming to the future of their success.

Marketing Automation software is revolutionising the way we send out and track online marketing. If you send out emails, post social media and have a website it is essential you have a central system to view & analyse all this activity.

By using Marketing automation, it makes several tasks a lot easier. By doing this it allows marketers to use their time more effectively developing more personalised campaigns and analysing data, which leans towards giving off a larger Return of Investment from marketing activity and spend.