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Remote Dog Training Collars 2018

Alpha Dog Collars, with all their amazing features, is a perfect choice for anyone looking for remote dog training collar to train his or her dog and tame his unruly behavior.

Thousands of users have left positive remote dog training collar reviews on the website of Alpha Dog Collars. You can order one for your pet now and see the difference it makes.

Sirius Pro Remote Dog Training Collar

[Sirius Pro Remote Dog Training Collar


Over 50% of dog owners face challenges in obedience and training when welcoming their new furry friend to their home. Like humans, dogs have their own personality, character traits and temperament that can pose problems when training. Their background and past experiences, especially rescue dogs, can cause additional hurdles to curbing bad behavior. Our product is a must have tool when conventional methods of training have failed. Result are fast and our system is very easy to use.

92% of users got results with the first 3 days of use
We will walk you through your training process with expert advise and techniques that work
We stand behind our product with a 5 year warranty
Top technology for safe guarding against harm to your dog

Commander Pro Remote Dog Training Collar Waterproof & Rechargeable

**Commander Pro Remote Dog Training Collar Waterproof & Rechargeable


            This is a really nice looking and well built dog training collar! We have purchased a couple of other brands on Amazon in the past and they seem to last only a few months. I have had this commander pro for 1 year. We never needed to replace it or had it quit on us. I have not used the static/shock. Our dog listens just fine with the audible tone and vibration. Charging is easy and the charge lasts a few weeks. I used it in the beginning for a variety of training problems: Getting in the garbage, jumping, barking and running out the door. I now only need to use it for quick reminders. It has been a life saver for both my dog and I.
Dog Training Tips – Guide to Stop Dog Chewing

*All dogs need training, *plus some pet dogs need training out of some anti-social or dangerous behaviors. This is not impossible and we can use a dog’s basic instincts to help us help them learn what we want them to do.

Dog Training Guide – How To Stop or Prevent Dog Biting

Learning how to stop or prevent your dog from biting is an essential skill for every responsible dog owner. We have all seen the various news reports about a family member, or a member of the public being mauled by a dog. Responsible dog owners know they have an obligation as part of their dog training to stop or prevent biting.

10 Benefits of Training Your Dog – Remote Dog Training Collars

Why training can benefit not just your dog – but you too! First off, thank you for downloading 10 Benefits of Training your Dog and we hope that you find the information in here as useful as it was fun to write! We love working with animals here at, and this includes everything from …

Tips for Choosing The Right Dog for You

If you are thinking about having a dog, then there are many aspects of the choice to consider. This is certainly another life that you are going to need to be responsible for and you just should get a pet dog that suits you and your lifestyle, in order that you and your pet dog can have a happy relationship together.

Basic Dog Obedience Training Steps – Alpha Dog Remote Dog Training Collars

If you are a dog owner or in the process of considering becoming one then to fully enjoy the experience of owning and caring for your dog I would strongly recommend that you learn the very basic training commands that your dog must learn to obey. There are a few simple reasons for why you need to teach your dog simple and clear commands.

It will make the whole experience one of pleasure for you and your family by not allowing your dog to dictate the terms. It will more importantly keep your dog safe from being knocked down on a busy road. It will also prevent any instances of potential mauling and you will never have a terrified postman!

Here is a list of the basic commands:

• Sit
• Stay
• Stop
• Stand
• No (To discourage wrong behaviour)
• Fetch
• Heel (Used when walking your dog)
• Leave It (To avoid conflict with other dogs)

Your Dog Is Talking To You – Are You Listening?

Dogs actually have the ability to signal to us precisely how they are feeling at any given time. If we are attuned to their signs we will know what their emotional state is. Dogs can display various emotions including: happiness, sadness, boredom, excitement, and fear.

If you closely watch your dog you will notice that his eyes, ears, body, and tail are in an almost continuous, though subtle movement. This is his way of communicating his emotional feelings. Studies are confirming the fact that animals use a very inconspicuous and refined system of communication. The good news is that with a little effort we can learn to understand our domesticated dogs.

In studies conducted by Jane Goodall and Dr. Michael W. Fox, recognized authority on canine body language, confirmed that wild dogs of Africa and wolves communicated a wide range of attitudes to each other, including affection, dominance, submission, interest, disgust, joy, disappointment, and fear. These emotions were communicated using the slightest body movements.

Although our dogs have lost some sensitivity to the language that would be used if they were living in the wild, they still use much of this inherited form of communication. Learning to read your dog’s body language will require a keen eye and close observation over what is happening at the time that your dog is displaying any given movement.

Housebreaking Your Dog In Four Simple Steps – Waterproof Dog Training Collar

Ask any dog owner what is the most important thing that their new dog learns and 9 out of 10 will say that they want their dog to be house trained. The problem is that there are more dogs that are not housebroken than are. The reason for that is because many dog owners are not patient enough to train their dogs, so they give up.

Dogs actually do want to please their owners. They are pack animals and because you are the one that provides food and shelter you are the alpha dog; you are the pack leader. But you have to think like a dog and work with them. Housebreaking can be done in four simple steps as follows:

1) Restrict the area that your dog is allowed to freely roam in. This should be no more than the area that you can keep watch over. By limiting the area to what you can supervise you will be able to closely monitor your dog.

2) Be diligent about taking your dog out as you should. Puppies will need to go out more often than older dogs. Always be ready to immediately take the pet outdoors when he wakes up. This is a time that you count on that he will look for a spot to ‘go’. Dogs also ‘go’ after eating, drinking, and exercise. Once again, older dogs can wait much longer than puppies.

Clicker Dog Training Tips for Common Behaviour Problems – Alpha Dog Remote Dog Training Collars

Even dog training tips go through fads and the current fad within the world of obedience training is the use of the clicker; however this is one fad with real results that will stand the test of time if done properly. Let’s take a look at how the clicker can be used to effectively discourage unwanted behaviors.

Clickers, dog whistles and noise makers have been around for years, but the movement away from dominance training has led to a rise in the use of positive reinforcement training tools like the clicker. To use the clicker effectively, you must first train your dog to understand that the clicker sound means he will get a treat. This is referred to as “charging the clicker.”

To charge the clicker, gather 10 or 20 pea-sized treats. Then, face your dog, click and immediate give your dog a treat. Repeat this process until you are out of treats. Your dog will catch on quickly that the clicker means treats and he will be eager to get that treat.Let’s look at some clicker dog training tips for a behavior that many pet owners find irritating, like barking.

It’s important to recognize that barking, as well as other behaviors we humans find challenging, come naturally to dogs. They bark, chew, dig and smell one another’s hindquarters. So, before you can discourage unwanted behavior effectively, you have to figure out why the dog is doing the behavior in the first place. When a dog barks he is communicating in order to:

• Alert you
• Scare off something or someone he doesn’t like
• Get attention
• Entertain himself
• Express his boredom or frustration

  • We created Alpha Dog Technologies in 2005 as an outlet for selling remote training dog collars. With dogs of our own, we began as customers on the market for dog collars that would allow us to train our dogs swiftly and safely. We came across many variations and brands of collars, and with each one we discovered that there was always something that could be improved. With much frustration in finding the perfect remote training dog collar, we set out to create a brand of our own, complete with an easy to use design and with desirable specs that we thought encompassed a perfect collar that would surely satisfy the needs of other dog owners.
    At Alpha Dog Technologies, we not only pride ourselves on the high quality and design of our products, using the latest technologies, but we also pride on ourselves on the safety of our collars. At the end of the day, our main goal is to help others train their dogs with an easy-to-use device that is completely safe. To ensure the safety of our collars, we hired trained experts to inspect our products. These inspection results surpassed all safety standards, proving that our collars are of the highest safety guidelines. Customers can rest assured that they will be using a dog-friendly device that will make the tumultuous task of dog training simple and easy, and with the integration of a 5 year warranty we can guarantee that customers will be getting the most out of their money.

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