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Aweber Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an excellent weapon , aweber makes this awesome easy. On this list I wish to share various features of email marketing with aweber





At aweber , you will find a great feature called autoresponders. What it does is, once you have email ID of your prospect , you can do unlimited number of follow ups with him.

  1. You can customize each message
  2. You can schedule each message
  3. You can decide gap between last message.
  4. All these will go without you personally sending
Benefits of segmentation in Email Marketing

The promotional emails marketers send are no longer just a few short paragraphs. They are web pages, and the more interactive they are, the better. Marketers hire Graphic designers and web page developers. They invest time, money and personnel to create it. But, we all know what happens next, most emails don't get to see light of day. Others read and ignore. The Marketers stay high and dry with only a few costumers who engage the email campaign.

Research at MailChimp - FREE email service & aweber's competitor

MailChimp scanned 570 million emails and calculated performance benchmarks for various industries.

If you can avoid these handful 15 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Email Marketeers often try to deliver too much of content sometimes, or sometimes too spammy.

In this article this whole thing will be summarized, good to read, or save for future readings

Is Facebook Killing Off Email Marketing?

Is it true ? To me, NO. Social engines are handling the bulk whereas email marketing is STILL the king- the seller. Read on this post :-

Nice Offbeat idea-Informal Business Email List

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How Do I See Who Has Opened My Message? : AWeber Communications

If you would like to see who exactly is opening your messages, you can quickly find out using our Search feature. Once you've found who...

Aweber vs Mailchimp -

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