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Eco Mark Scheme and Services by Enterslice

Eco Mark certified as contributing to environmental preservation in terms of less impact on environmental. The Ecomark label is awarded to consumer goods that meet the specified environmental criteria and the quality requirements of Indian Standards.

Online Trademark Registration Process in India

Trademark Registration Online - Enterslice provides online trademark filling services, brand registration, logo registration. Trademark search & professional help for TM filling by Enterslice. Easily submit your online trademark application for just Rs. 7600.

Benefits of Using Virtual CFO services

An entrepreneur managing a growing business, needs a strategic partner to lead & manage the financial aspects of the business. Enterslice transform strategic vision into practical results in supply chains, production processes, cost reduction and business model transformation.

Get Online Eco Mark Scheme Services in India

Eco Mark objective is provide an incentive for manufacturers and importers to reduce environmental impact of products and encourage the consumer to use and buy products which are environment friendly.

Advantages of Limited Liability Partnership

LLP Offers more enhanced features than a general tradition partnership. The partners in an LLP may also have a number of junior partners in the firm who work for them in the hopes of someday making full partner.

Virtual Cfo: A New Trend In Market

VCFO is most effective tool for small, mid-sized companies or entities, to take care of their finance, cost, accounts, and other related activities. It also allows company management to focus on their core activity, at the same time it fits into very well in budget.


Due diligence being nothing but any enquire into present business, its necessity to be mandatory depends on case to case. Recently Appropriate due diligence for techno-commercial evaluation has now been made mandatory in filing of patents of CSIR, statutory audits are another example of such mandatory due diligence.


A Trademark is a legally protected abstract, word, symbol, color, mark, slogan or a combination of these associated with a company or a particular product that differentiates it from the others available in the market. Its effect is the creation of a right with respect to the goodwill widespread in the market.


Environment friendly products means Any product which is made, used or disposed of in a way that significantly reduces the harm it would otherwise cause to the environment, are categorized as environment friendly product. The Eco Mark scheme arranges platforms to sensitive concerned industrial sectors in the larger interest of environment.

Online Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services

Enterslice have successfully helped his own clients achieve cost reduction and increased productivity and Our assessment and process mapping offers you a platform for a smoother and faster system integration.


It is governed by LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) act 2008. A limited liability partnership provides its owners with limited personal liability. Limited liability partnerships are beneficial for professional groups, such as attorneys or accountants.

Eco Mark Product Certification Schemes

Eco-mark is issued as a certification mark for the products which are ecologically safe conforming to the standards prescribed by the BIS. It's aim to improve the overall quality of the environment and promote sustainable management of resources in India.

Get Online Copyright Registration Process

Copyright is legal protection that no other one can misuse the copyrighted efforts of writer or creator in any form without the permission of owner. Copyright protection provides benefits in the form of economic rights which entitle the creators to legally get an appropriate financial reward from activities such as making copies, performing in public, broadcasting, etc.

Limited Liability Partnership Registration Company

LLPs are business entities created by state law. Limited liability partnerships provide owners with limited liability. LLP provides each of its individual partners protection against personal liability for certain partnership liabilities.

Patent Registration Services in India

Patents should be registered with the patent office where protection is sought: national, regional or international. A patent registration is a right granted to an individual or enterprise by the government that excludes others from making, using, selling or importing the patented product or process without prior approval.

Interim and Virtual CFO Services Consulting Firm

CFO provide the guidance to the Board, CEO and other executives in making critical decisions directly impacting the success of the business. Our CFO service allows you to access the higher level skills you need to make informed decisions, identify issues and improve efficiencies, without the cost of hiring a full-time person.


Trademark as per the Trade Marks Act, 1999 means and defined as trade mark means a mark capable of being represented graphically and which is capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one person from those of others and may include shape of goods, their packaging and combination of colors.

The limited liability partnerships are prominent and popular form of doing businesses in countries of all across the world. LLP provides for incorporation, administration and winding up of Limited Liability Partnerships. This new business structure can be the ideal for many businesses.

Get Online Virtual CFO Advisory Service

Virtual cfo services gives the implementation of and maintenance of a good management accounting and reporting system. Our Cfo gives Better understanding of the financial side of your business.

Companies Due Diligence Service Provider Firm

Due Diligence purposes identifying and analyzing the business, cash and key value drivers behind the acquisition price,potential risks, maximizing financial and tax positions and conducting a post-acquisition audit and preparing your opening balance sheet.

Mergers and Acquisition Legal Services Firm

With the help of Mergers and Acquisitions, Transaction advisory including mergers, acquisitions, de-mergers and business tax planning involving issues relating to direct tax, indirect tax, corporate laws, stamp-duty issues, FEMA and Competition Commission of India.

Get Online One Person Company Registration Services

OPC gives a single promoter full control over the company while limiting his/her liability to contributions to the business. A person shall not be eligible to incorporate more than a One Person Company or become nominee in more than one such company.

Ecomark Certification and Labelling Services India

Eco Mark Certification is provide an incentive for manufacturers and importers to reduce adverse environmental impact of products and encourage citizens to purchase products which have less harmful environmental impacts

Online Trademark and Brand Registration in India

Trademark creates a unique identity of your business, increase your popularity and also gives you legal protection. A Trademark can also be used for a company to set its standards among the public which gives them a classy feeling at the render.

Find Best Business Due Diligence Advisory Consultants

Due diligence will provide you with access to the business inventory and equipment, financials, contracts, intellectual property and any outstanding legal matters. Enterslice provides a complete business diligence and assessment services along with a comprehensive report.