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Updated by James Mcavoy on Jun 29, 2018
Headline for Hair Color Trends for This Summer!
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Hair Color Trends for This Summer!

Summers are on, and if you want to get your hair colored, then you have to keep a tab on the latest coloring trends this season. Before you scout for the best colorist in Brooklyn, make sure that you discuss the color that will go best on you! So we should start taking a look at the color trends now.


What about natural looking golden highlights?

They look great on you long overcoat, and if you have a golden-wheat skin, they go entirely along with your skin tone as well. Now once you are done with it, you will surely want to make your color last as long as possible! You can buy complete color line to preserve your color for long.


Look Warmer

If want to embrace the warmth of summer, you should be opting for warmer brunette, blonde, and may even try red hues when it comes to coloring. Wearing warmer tones will bring golden warmth to your skin for a more overall glowing effect but if you something contrasting; cooler tones may be the best for you!


Coral Reds

Hair color toned like coral are also trending because everyone wants to go warmer for the summer. You may go for it if you already wear red color and want to go for a change. You may even consider going for it if you have any other shade and you want to go for a red-one. Just ask your colorist to find if a coral-toned red will go well with your complexion.


Something soothing

Hair colors are evolving like a fashion statement, and people are often looking for ‘softer colors’ as well. If you want any light color, then you can start with a light base. You may then play from there to apply temporary colors on the strands to get the look you desire. If you want to get different shades of a specific color, then you can start with a deep version of any color and then as you wash it, you will get the lighter tones with every wash. The color usually gets lighter and lighter eventually giving you a pale natural look.


Tips that are tailor-made

If you look around and see, you will find that people are embracing solid colors with a slight edge. You may see some celebrities having great butterscotch like a shade that comes with subtly lightened tips. It makes for a fresh twist on a graduated effect.


Solid Shades

This season you may also look to see a lot more solids hair hues in softer colors this summer. You may also use your eyebrows as a reference color.



Getting a warmer blonde look is something that may look for. Don’t go for ashy cooler-toned ones.


In The End

These are a few color trends that you may look up to. When you are looking for best hair colorist in Brooklyn, you must always first discuss the color you may want and then how may it go on you. It is good if you can share some images of the color you want!