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Updated by CASUDI on Jul 13, 2023
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A short list of my most popular guest posts.

Join the Cult of Lists

GUEST POST for BLOG ~ I confess that I have always been more or less obsessed with lists.

12 Most Useful Insights from 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People

CASUDI Caroline Di Diego composes the 12 Most Useful Insights from the book > 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People.

Is leadership part of your DNA?

GUEST POST for #BeALeader

Wherever You Are, However You Engage - One Seamless Experience

GUEST POST for BEVISIBLE BLOG As a designer or marketer if you don’t consider HOW, WHERE and WHEN your information is consumed on your audiences’ devices, you may not really be reaching your audience and customers! You maybe invisible!

Know your Audience!

GUEST POST on #BeALeader

if you really make the effort to understand your audience, you can be successful in just about any industry, even as a woman in the male-dominated world of Super and Mega yachts!

Need to be Convinced that Social Media Networking Is Serious Business?

GUEST EXCERPT: AT&T Networking Exchange Blog. See What 18 Experts, An Infographic, And A New Book Have To Say

The Fail Credential

GUEST POST for #BeALeader ~ There is a fine line between failing as a credential or failing as an excuse! No excuses in this post which I wrote about a start up “fail” of mine "Is there such a thing as successful fail ?"

Is Leadership Turning Into A Cult?

GUEST post for #BeALeader

Do I Really Want To Work to 90


Small Biz Survival: Take Back The Dump!

GUEST POST for SMALL BIZ SURVIVAL.... Imagine you are a small local environmental business,...

Can A Leader Be Really Effective And Still Be Popular?

GUEST post for #BeALeader ~ Can A Leader Be Really Effective And Still Be Popular? By @Casudi For #bealeader Leadership is tough if you want everyone to like you. The purpose of a leader is to lead or guide the company, community, or even the country to success.

7 Questions To Get To Know Casudi

GUEST post for the #BeALeader leadership challenge

21 Social Media Tips for Nonprofits from Top Experts

GUEST EXCERPT: The Fund Raising Coach (Excerpt Unforgettable)

FIVE KEY Questions to profile your customer

GUEST post for #EQlist Entrepreneurs Questions


FIVE KEY Questions to Ask Investors

FIVE KEY Questions to Ask Investors

GUEST post for #EQlist Entrepreneurs Questions

A Convergence of Leadership

GUEST post #BeAleader ~ Where can you meet 150 leaders in person; and network and mastermind intensely with them? Where is there a powerful convergence of Leadership that is open to everyone who is motivated? The Successful Online Business conference; #SOBcon, happening 2X a year, is a great example of the convergence of leadership.

Would Elisabeth, Catherine And George Be Embracing Social Media?

GUEST post #BeALeader ~ Elisabeth, Catherine and George were all excellent communicators, outstanding in fact, considering the times in which they lived. If their inclination to network and communicate is any indication as to how they might thrive in Social Media today, I believe they would all embrace it passionately, and adapt to the [...]

Is There A Connection Between Leadership And The Customer Experience?

GUEST POST for #BeAleader ~ When the customer experience meets or exceeds expectations, one embraces the entire organization, including the leadership. Would this be Zappos? When the customer is disappointed with the product or service or their experience, it reflects badly on the organization and on the Leadership. Would this be Blackberry?

Empowering Employees to be Leaders in the Customer Experience

GUEST POST for TrainUp ~ Dealing with your customers is no longer just for those in the sales and customer service department! Everyone in the organization needs customer service training in order to understand the needs of the people they serve and how vital it is and be an empowered leader when it comes to the customer experience.

FIVE KEY Questions to Ask your Mentor

A guest post for #EQlist: However, is this individual the right fit for you? Has the connection come through a trusted recommendation, a mentor introduction website or at a local bar? However you connect, it's prudent to ask your potential mentor a few questions to clarify things from the very beginning.

Are You Getting Your Pay Back For Guest Blogging?

GUEST POST #BeALeaderI regularly talk with lots of guest bloggers, and I've done some guest blogging myself; about 25 of my guest posts have been published this year for several different blogs. My personal guest blogging experiences have varied quite a bit, and the same appears to be true for others.