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Headline for 5 Amazing Underwater Activities in the Maldives - Five Wonderful Ways to Explore the Stunning Marine World
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5 Amazing Underwater Activities in the Maldives - Five Wonderful Ways to Explore the Stunning Marine World

The Maldivian islands are home to numerous diving sites, stunning coral reefs, and beautiful beaches. These provide many opportunities for guests to enjoy a number of amazing underwater activities.


An Underwater 'Cruise' via Submarine

When one speaks of a submarine, this usually conjures up images of military submarines that were used in the numerous wars that plagued the 20th century. However, those visiting Maldives can add a rather positive association of submarines to their list by opting for an underwater submarine ride in the Maldives. This particular underwater activity provides holidaymakers with the opportunity to explore the wonders of the marine world without ever having to even step into the water!



Ideal for holidaymakers who are not too keen on more adventurous activities such as diving, snorkelling provides a rather insightful look into the beautiful coral reefs located off the Maldivian islands. While diving sometimes requires certifications and even practice, snorkelling is an underwater activity that can be experienced by most people. Snorkelers simply need to get the hang of breathing through the tube, so to speak, and they are ready to conquer the stunning marine world in style. Just make sure to have an underwater camera on hand to capture images of what you see in the waters so that you can share these beautiful memories with loved ones back home.



Diving is certainly an underwater activity that is reserved for those who are confident, love a challenge, and wish to get up close and personal with the marine world. The Maldivian islands are replete with iconic diving points as well as underwater wrecks where marine life has proliferated. Diving provides them with an opportunity to explore and experience the marine world in an entirely new and fresh manner. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most amazing underwater activities that are available to those holidaying in the Maldives. However, because diving requires certification, it is worth keeping in mind that a number of resorts such as Grand Park Kodhipparu also offer guests the option of obtaining their PADI certifications.


Coral Adoption

Coral reef degradation is one of the most important issues facing the Maldivians. While the 2004 tsunami had an impact on the health of many of the reefs, other issues such as sun bleaching are causing the health of the reefs to deteriorate significantly. As a result, numerous initiatives are being introduced to encourage the preservation of the coral reefs. One such initiative is coral adoption. Many resorts have their own coral adoption programme where visitors at their establishments can 'adopt' a coral and the cost of adoption is used to fund coral conservation programmes.


Underwater Weddings

Many would remember the historic effort made by President Nasheed, the Maldivian President at the time, to hold a Cabinet meeting underwater. His intention was to highlight the plight of low-lying regions and countries when it comes to rising sea levels. Similar to this effort, many Maldives villas now offer their guests a unique wedding experience by providing underwater wedding packages.