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06 Must Try Omani Dishes – Exotic Flavours to Relish

Omani cuisine is influenced by Persia, the Mediterranean, India and North Africa; some of the most exotic nations where one can treat foodie desires to fabulous flavours. Here's what's on offer.



Majboos is a wonderful flavoursome dish of rice and chicken. Spices play a big part in the preparation process, mainly cardamom and saffron. The meat is cooked first, together with onions and garlic; the spices are then added to the mix, rendering it a delicious yellowish consistency, packed full of aromas. The rice which is cooked separately is then added to the meat and ends up absorbing all the delicious flavours and colours to form a rich yellowish creamy texture.



A special dish, cooked to mark a celebration, particularly the festival of Eid, Shuwa is cooked a day prior to when it will be consumed; this is tradition practised by many Omani families. The long preparation process is probably the reason for this practice; where the meat, which is often, lamb, camel or mutton, is marinated in an exotic blend of spices. Spices may change according to households but generally consist of coriander leaves, cumin and nutmeg. The meat wrapped in banana leaves is cooked in an underground oven for a day. The result is a soft and tender meat, with a crispy layer of spices on the outside.



Roasted king fish accompanied by a savoury lemon rice makes up the very popular dish called Mashuai. The fish is well marinated in local spices, before being roasted; it is then served on a bed of lemon rice; the ideal pairing and perfect comfort food. One of the best places to try the dish is at a hotel Sur Oman has to offer; the traditional eateries at these properties, offer guests, a chance to savour the customary flavours of Mashuai. Likewise, a stay at the Sur Plaza Hotel, located in the fishing village of Sur, will place you within easy reach of traditional eateries offering this very popular Omani dish.



This is a traditional delicacy loved across Oman. Mushaltat is a very soft flatbread which is often filled with meat, cheese, spinach or honey. Refined wheat flour is used to make the bread; once the dough is ready it is shaped into thin cakes and stuffed with a combination of the above-mentioned ingredients, before being baked for about 5 minutes.



One cannot visit the Middle East, and not try some dates; a staple in Oman, high-quality dates are often paired with kawa in Oman. A symbol of traditional hospitality in the Arab world, the dates in Oman will vary in taste and size and can be bought just about anywhere in the country.



This typical Middle Eastern sandwich; aka fast food, is popular across the world. A loved street food, Shawarma is a type of meaty salad wrapped in a thin pita bread. The meat is well marinated in spices and grilled on outdoor vertical spits, it is then sliced and wrapped in the bread together with fresh salad, French fries and garlic paste.