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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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06 Things You Need to Know Before Going on a Desert Trip – Tips For a Safe Journey

A desert trip is just as exotic and thrilling as it sounds, however, there are rules and basic guidelines one needs to follow, in order to make your travels a success and stay safe. Do read on.


Leave the Fancy Hiking Footwear Behind

Think sand, sand and more sand; as such, donning a pair of closed shoes will turn out to be a major hassle; same goes for sandals. The best are a pair of flip-flops, easy to take on and off when getting in and out of the vehicles, plus they do not retain sand. For example, a hotel in Wahiba Sands will most likely be surrounded by endlessly stunning expanses of sand and dunes so remember to take along very practical footwear. Such properties which include Desert Nights Camp promise guests a unique experience amidst this breathtaking landscape.


Take Along Plenty of Facial Water

The desert is dry and humidity levels are very low, hence, your skin is going to feel very dry at the end of the day. The best way to combat this is to spritz your face with facial water regularly; mind you facial creams should be avoided, as they will act like a magnet sticking sand to your face.


Pack an Extra Pillow

That's right; the best comfort one can look forward to during a desert tour is the comfort of a good fluffy pillow. Desert tours generally supply everything needed for a night out on the sands, but, pillows can sometimes be missed, and if that is your one requirement for a good night's sleep, do take along your own. Unless of course, you are staying at a desert night camp hotel; there all the luxuries of Arabic hospitality are yours to enjoy.


Take Along Some Extra Tit-Bits to Eat

On a desert tour, your guide will expertly whip up a delicious breakfast and dinner at the campsite; however, remember that desert nights are very cold, plus the variety of cuisine up for offer may be limited. Pack along some dry rations of your favourite snacks, a comfort food you can cook up from dry rations will turn out to be a real, well 'comfort' after a long day on the sands.


Carry a Cooler Box

Desert nights are very cold, however, especially in the summer months, the daytime desert temperatures can soar to unbelievable highs. A cooler box, in this case, packed with some ice cold treats will seem a blessing. Having one packed with your drinks and food is, in fact, a necessity.


Fill Up A Thermos

Daytime in the desert is very hot, however, at night it gets exceedingly cold, hence a thermos filled with either tea or coffee will help you relax happily under a blanket of stars, hot mug in hand. Fill up the thermos before leaving for your trip, and the liquid will remain nice and hot.