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Top 05 Things to Do and See in Kandy – The Best of the Central Hills

Kandy is a beautiful city and capital of the central highlands. The place was home to Sri Lanka's last king and is steeped in history, as well as, lots of scenic environs to explore. Do read on.


Visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic or Sri Dalada Maligawa is where the sacred tooth of the Buddha is held. Once owned by rulers of the land, the precious relic is kept within a golden casket. Once a year it is paraded across the streets of Kandy on the back of magnificently attired tusker, during the Esela Perahera. The temple occupies part of the old palace and is a place full of ancient relics and religious artefacts as well as, a museum and marvellous view of the Kandy Lake.


Take a Walk Around the Kandy Lake

The Kandy Lake, locally called kiri muhuda was built by an ancient king of Sri Lanka. It sits in the city centre and is deemed sacred, hence, one cannot fish there, but feeding the multitude of fish thriving around the banks of the lake is encouraged, with popcorn sellers offering, special packets to feed the fish. Boat tours too, across the rippling waters of the lake are on offer; while the most popular activity there is to take a walk along the serene footpath, making its way around the lake. Kandy is a popular venue when it comes to seeking holiday bungalows in Sri Lanka mainly due to the city's quiet climes and relaxing nature.


Enjoy the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens are located not too far from the city centre and were established by the British. Like the 100 year old Mountbatten Bungalow a reminder of Kandy's colonial past, the gardens are a testimony of Sri Lanka's past and the almost 2,000 year old spice trade which flourished in days of yore. At this site, over 4,000 plant varieties thrive; amongst these, the varieties of orchids take pride of place, while medicinal plants and palms too can be admired.


Check Out the Girigama Tea Plantation

One of Sri Lanka's main exports is tea, of which the quality is lauded across the world. One of the best tea estates in Kandy is the Girigama Tea Plantation; located not too far from the city centre, the place promises scenic environs to explore. Located at an altitude of 613 metres the views from the estate are worth capturing with your camera. The factory produces a range of grade A, teas from Earl Grey to Green, and once your tour is done look forward to sampling some products. Finish your tour with a visit to the museum, which houses a range of artefacts.


Explore Bahiravakanda Viharaya

The Bahiravakanda or Devils Hill, overlooks the city, on the summit sits a giant Buddha statue. It takes an hour to climb to the summit, although a mid-day attempt is not recommended due to high temperatures. The trek to the top will reward you with expansive views of the city and surrounding region; before entering the temple one must take off their shoes, and show respect to the shrine. The Buddha statue can be seen across Kandy and is particularly enchanting during the night.