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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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7 Must-Eat Dishes in Hong Kong – An Adventure for Chinese Food Lovers

Eastern Cuisine needs no introduction for it is most definitely one type of food that is famous around the world. If you are visiting Hong Kong below are 7 dishes that must be tried here.


Sweet and Sour Pork

The fusion of flavours is one of the biggest highlights of Eastern Cuisine and in Hong Kong, the sweet and sour pork takes the limelight. In fact, this dish is so popular that you can find it in pretty much any take away Chinese menu. This combination of pork ribs or tenderloin cooked in a tailor-made orange sauce is a real treat to the taste buds. Both the sweet as well as the sour flavours are strong creating a dish that is true to its name.



If you are a hardcore Chinese food fan, you would have definitely heard of the Wontons. Literally, Wontons translates to crossed hands and that's what it looks like at first glance. Wontons are like dumplings and it is eaten with a clear soup coupled with a few deep-fried sides. There are several types of Wontons, but the most famous of them all is the Sichuan style ones which are a very popular snack in Chengdu.


Roast Goose

The Chinese love meat of all types and the goose is no exception. In fact, goose in its roasted form is a well-loved Cantonese speciality. The goose in this dish is marinated in a combination of secret ingredients and roasted as a whole. It is consumed with the addition of plum sauce which makes it all the more delicious. If you are looking to prepare an authentic version of roast goose, you will need to first get your hands on a special variety of goose that is only found in a particular region.


Wind Sand Chicken

If you tried it because of its name, you will come to realize that it tastes as good as it sounds! The Wind Sand Chicken is actually basic roast chicken but what makes it unique is the garlic pieces which are added that resembles windblown sand; hence the name. On the outside, this chicken is well roasted and crispy, but on the inside, it is soft and ever so tender. The garlic creates a lovely fragrance and the chicken tastes so good!


Shrimp and Chicken Balls

This combination of shrimp and chicken creates a dish that you are bound to fall in love with. A royal treat, this snack is usually served as starters for weddings. The shrimp and the chicken are cut up, combined and fried coated with breadcrumbs. For serving salad sauce is used. If you are looking for fine dining in Hong Kong you could always try out places like Cosmo Hotel Wan Chai Hong Kong for they have restaurants with extensive menus.


Steamed Shrimp Dumplings

Dumplings are big in Hong Kong and the shrimp version is a particular favourite. This steamed delicacy is created by wrapping a combination of shrimp dumplings and pork in the translucent paper, which actually shines when it is being served.


Fish Balls

For some authentic Hong Kong street food fish balls is something you definitely must try. Made out of fried fish meat this snack is best eaten with a spicy or sweet sauce.

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