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Headline for Causes of Blindness – How Vision Could be Damaged
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Causes of Blindness – How Vision Could be Damaged

While there are many in our society with visual impairments, vision is considered important for a man. Seemingly simple activities such as crossing the road become tedious in the absence of vision.



If someone complains of blurry vision, double vision, poor vision at night or lower sensitivity to the colour they could be suffering from a condition known as a cataract. This is among the most common eye diseases in Sri Lanka when it comes to the senior citizens. This condition can be caused by consumption of alcohol, as a side effect of diabetes, exposure to ultraviolet rays and even trauma. However, in this day and age, people easily cure cataract by way of a surgery. This is a fairly simple operation where the clouded lens is replaced by a new one that immediately leads to an improvement in the vision of that eye. Many are known to be able to even discontinue the use of spectacles after the cataract operation is successfully completed.



Strabismus is a medical term for the condition of being cross-eyed; while many dismiss crossed eyes as purely a cosmetic defect, doctors would tell you otherwise. Those who are cross-eyed run the risk of completely losing vision in the weaker of the two eyes as the brain continues to ignore the signals that come from the weaker eye. Cross eyes can be easily observed, and it is important that parents seek proper medical attention for their children without delay. Various examinations need to be done prior to understanding the nature of this defect; Vision Care optical services offer these services which include an acuity test and a retinal examination. The cosmetic correction may be more difficult to fix; however, the vision of that eye can be safeguarded if proper precautions are taken.


Head Injury

It could be a massive blow to the head, a casual bump or excessive shaking that cause head injuries in people. After an incident that could lead to a head injury, it is always prudent to watch out for vomiting, unconsciousness, unexplained mood changes, dilation of eyes, disorientation, memory loss and other similar abnormal changes in the body as it could be an indicator of a possible injury to eyes as well. In the event such symptoms are observed, patients should be given urgent medical attention to safeguard from a possible worsening of the situation.



Increasingly seen among older adults, Glaucoma is a condition where the optical nerves are affected due to levels of pressure. Surprisingly this condition can be caused by inadvertent entry of chemicals to the eye as much as physical injuries and thinning blood vessels. If left unattended or if this condition goes unnoticed it could lead to permanent loss of vision. However, if detected, one's vision can be preserved through the continuous medical application.


Muscular Degeneration

This is a condition which does not lead to complete blindness as it only affects the central vision, leaving the peripheral vision more or less unchanged. However, this can largely affect a person's daily routine, hence one should worry about it and seek medical advice.