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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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10 Things You Would Find Normal in Dubai- How calm can you keep yourself while reading this fact

Dubai is well known for its extravagant lifestyle; customized everything and luxury tourist destinations. Here are 10 things that are normal in Dubai.


No taxes!

No taxes!

Yes, you read that right. There are no taxes included in the United Arab Emirates.


Constructions are always ongoing

Dubai is well known for its skylines and skyscrapers. Along with them, you also will spot many cranes. There is always some big construction that's ongoing. Whether it's a mall, a commercial building or Dubai hotel apartments, which at the moment are becoming increasingly popular, they are all inadvertently going up in the sky and being added to the ever-growing skyline of the city. The Dubai Jumeirah Lakes Towers are where Oaks Liwa heights are located, which is also a spectacular building. The view of Dubai is stunning whichever the perspective you look at; whether a bird's view or just you look at the towering buildings from the ground!


King sized everything

You would have heard of King-sized bed, but have you heard of King-sized jeep? Well, in Dubai, you can spot these here and there!




There are enough and more Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bentleys that are cruising around daily. They are so common that even the Police Patrol is given these vehicles for their daily patrol. If you are a fan of these cars and want to take one on a spin, you can rent it out for a day and feel like a billionaire!


Gold vending machines

Gold vending machines

No, I don't mean vending machines that are Gold plated. I am talking about vending machines which allow you to buy gold bars from. Yes, I mean actual gold bars, Just find a machine, feed the cash in and take for yourself a gold bar. It's that easy and that...casual!


Own a pet cat

What I mean by pet cat is a cheetah or a tiger. You can buy a cheetah or a tiger as a pet for yourself and raise them just like you would raise a dog or a cat. Owning a cheetah is considered a sign of luxury and prosperity. So you don't have to go on Safaris to spot a cheetah, you could see them casually perched shotgun, in a car. A totally normal moment in Dubai.


Eat gold!

So apart from being able to buy gold bars over a vending machine and gold-plating your cars, you can also consume gold in the form of a dessert. There are many desserts available which use edible gold as the main ingredient. Of course, this comes with a hefty price and can go way over $1000.


Go skiing inside a mall

The weather being more 40 degrees Celsius doesn't stop the people in Dubai from skiing. They accept no excuse! The Dubai Mall of Emirates houses an indoor ski resort! You could snowboard and play with snowballs, an activity that every little child loves!


Gold plated vehicles and toilets

Why? Because they can and they do!


Underwater zoo and shark diving inside the mall.

Because anything other than this is just too mainstream! Take a plunge along with a Divemaster and start swimming with the tiger sharks. The only limitation? You have to be 10 years old or above!