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Updated by Joseph Potashnik on Mar 21, 2019
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New York Criminal Lawyers(Videos)

Why Hire A Medicaid Fraud Lawyer in NYC

J. Potashnik, the senior partner at an NYC criminal defense lawyers group, speaks on the importance of hiring a Medicaid fraud attorney when facing a Medicaid fraud investigation.

Received a Letter from HRA Bureau of Fraud Investigation? Watch This First

During such interviews people frequently reveal details about their income that can incriminate them. Therefore, Joseph Potashnik recommends his clients not to go to such interviews and instead call a Medicaid fraud attorney. Call Joseph Potashnik and his colleagues today to obtain competent legal counsel for HRA BFI investigations.

NYC Human Resources Administration Fraud Investigations NYC Defense Attorney Explains

In case you find yourself a suspect of in an investigation, consult the experienced NYC Medicaid fraud lawyers of Joseph Potashnik & Associates.

NYC Bureau of Fraud Investigations - NY Medicaid Lawyer Explains

NY Medicaid Fraud Lawyer discusses the NYC Bureau of Fraud Investigations. Bureau of Fraud Investigations (BFI) is part of the NYC Human Resources Administration. The agency has been created to investigate public benefits fraud, especially Medicaid fraud, food stamps fraud, and housing fraud.

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Attorney for Pharmacists In New York City - Licensing & Criminal Matters

Joseph Potashnik is an NYC healthcare fraud attorney who represents both healthcare providers and beneficiaries investigated or charged with Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, insurance fraud, drug diversion, prescription fraud, controlled substances diversion, kickbacks for patients’ referrals, etc.

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Physical Therapists & Medicare Fraud Investigations in New York

For more videos on investigations and prosecution in New York, click “Joseph Potashnik” above. For more details on Medicare and Medicaid fraud investigations, click the link below:

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Bail & Bond Process In New York City For Federal Crimes

Federal procedures are different from those in a state court. In order to get the most reasonable sentence make sure your federal criminal attorney knows the federal regulations and procedures. Sam. A. Schmidt, a criminal defense lawyer at Joseph Potashnik and Associates tells about the federal bail & bond process and what you can do to get your loved one out of jail as soon as possible.

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NYC Store Owners Investigated For SNAP Fraud - Advice

Most store owners are accused of food stamps trafficking because they fail to follow the food stamp regulations. In this video Joseph Potashnik, a food stamp fraud attorney, explains them importance of educating your employees the SNAP regulations. He also names the main triggers for an investigation, like transactions that are done in a very short time period or having visitors who make unusually large purchases.

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NYC Shoplifting Lawyer

This video explains how shoplifting cases are defined in New York and will help you understand the charges of being accused of shoplifting and tell what how a criminal lawyer can help you avoid punishment in New York.

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5 Reasons Not To Talk To Police Or Feds In New York

In this video, Lawrence H. Schoenbach, a criminal defense lawyer in NYC, answers the question whether you should talk to an investigator or a police detective and gives 5 reasons why you should not talk to them in the absence of a criminal defense attorney.

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Attorney For Dentists In NYC - Licensing Issues and NY OPD Investigations

In this video an NYC license defense attorney Joseph Potashnik speaks on OPD investigations. First, Joseph Potashnik explains what OPD is. The Office of Professional Discipline (or OPD) is an agency within the NYS Education Department that is responsible for investigating and prosecuting professional misconduct of licensed professionals, including dentists.

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Attorney for Physicians In NY Under Investigation By State/Govt. Agencies

Lawrence H. Schoenbach, an NYC health care fraud and abuse attorney at Joseph Potashnik and Associates, gives details on the investigative process and potential discipline issues for New York physicians under investigation by government agencies and audit by insurance companies.

Can You Be Deported If You're Arrested For Fraud?

In this video, Alice Lee, an immigration attorney at Joseph Potashnik and Associates, NYC, explains how a fraud arrest can seriously impact your immigration status in the United States.

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Federal Sentencing - Why You'd Better Have An Attorney That's A Pro With Federal Defense

The subjects of federal crimes face harsh penalties. Federal lawyers are those who will stand up for defendants against the federal prosecutors, so they play a crucial role in sentencing. In this video Lawrence H. Schoenbach, a lawyer at Joseph Potashnik and Associates, explains the harsh sentences for federal crimes and the importance of having a federal criminal defense attorney who knows the US sentencing guidelines, how they work and how they can be effective in court.

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