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Updated by Dr. Sandeep Atre on Mar 13, 2020
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Socialigence provide the online courses on social and emotional intelligence. These courses are well developed which helps the people in all possible ways.

Verbal Clues to Detect Deception by Socialigence

Socialigence course on “Detecting Deception” is a uniquely designed research-backed course that covers all the aspects of Lie Detection in details. Our courses help you observe nonverbal behavior to understand emotions and to detect deception. Visit our website to Know More!

Best CRM Activity Is Looking At The Customer

There are CRM initiatives and activities everywhere. Everyone talks about the importance of customer and customer centricity. Management Experts and Marketing Gurus keep harping on it. Yet, the customer is disillusioned, and the loyalty is declining. What went wrong? Well, it is the basic premise that has gone wrong. It’s high time that we realize that sales is not a commercial activity, it is a social one. To know more, read on…

'Social & Emotional Intelligence' - The Science of Connecting with Others & Managing Self

We offer well-researched and comprehensive online courses to develop skills that develop your 'Social and Emotional intelligence'. Skills that will help you succeed in life. Contact us at +91 722 398 4622 / for more details. Also visit

Our Choices Are Shaped More By Our Emotional Realities Than By Our Intelligent Assumptions

We humans have always taken pride in our intelligence. But look at our behavior, actions and choices on a typical day, and you would realize that beneath the façade of intelligence, there is something else that calls the shots… something else that rules the mental terrain. “What is it that beats the intelligence hands down?”… “What is it that shapes our thoughts and decisions?”… Read on to know…


Social & Emotional Intelligence - The Science of Connecting With Other and Managing Self

Social & Emotional Intelligence - The Science of Connecting With Other and Managing Self

A skill that will make a huge difference in your personal & professional life. Online Course available at a very affordable price. Visit:

Every Interpersonal Interaction Has Intrapersonal Subtext To It

Whenever two persons connect, interact or relate, their own emotional states born out of their unique life circumstances play an influencing role. For instance, when something goes wrong between two persons, often the reason lies, not between two of them, but inside each of them. That’s why, before trying to figure out what went wrong in a relationship, it is important for people to introspect and understand what changed inside. To understand more, read on…


Better Understanding of One's Own Emotions

Better Understanding of One's Own Emotions

A skill that will make a huge difference in your personal & professional life. Online Course available at a very affordable price. Visit:

Mental Health Suffers When There Is Dissonance In Life

Look around and you will find that there are more people suffering inside themselves than in any other era we are aware of. There is a steep rise in number of people who are suffering from depression, mania, paranoia, suicidal tendencies, and other mental problems. What lies at the root is our inability to manage our emotional selves, and failure in creating the all-important resonance in our life.

You Can Hear Through Your Ears, But To Listen, You Also Need Your Eyes

Isn’t it ironical that everyone ‘talks’ about listening. Yes, most of us find it easier to intellectualize a concept than to simply put it into practice. Today, we are far more aware of the importance of listening, yet most people say that they are not understood well or paid attention to. What’s the reason behind this irony? Read on to know…

We humans are social animals, and no matter how evolved, intelligent, advanced and independent we become, ‘relationships and associations’ will continue to stay at the base of our being. But then, what about the ever-increasing cases of divorces, breakups, domestic violence, and infidelity on the personal front; and that of customer churn, employee turnover, broken agreements and violated contracts on the professional front! Aren’t they indicating towards a need to assess where we are going wrong? Read to know more


Capacity to Read Other People's Expressions and Gestures

Capacity to Read Other People's Expressions and Gestures

Go for Social and Emotional Intelligence course which will give you new insights into your own emotions - helping you to manage them better and use it for your Personal and Profesional Growth. Click to know more:

Normal Is The New Good

If you are looking for an employee, a partner, a spouse, or even a friend, doesn’t look for good person; rather look for a normal person. Yes, normal is the new good! But why is it difficult to get people whose emotional reactions are not disproportionate, exaggerated or based in over sensitivity. What is the fundamental irony of us – the modern humans? Read on to know more…

The workshop – Social & Emotional Intelligence for teachers

The workshop – Social & Emotional Intelligence for teachers – is rooted in the research in neuroscience and psychology, and involves ‘interactive & iterative methodology’ to sensitize teachers/educators/institute-administrators towards significance of this set of skills, and equip them with scientific knowledge & applicable techniques to practice it skillfully at work.

  • Socialigence is unique venture offering courses and customized workshops for young students and professionals like recruiters, marketers, managers, teachers etc. to develop and integrate social & emotional intelligence. These courses help in building positive connections and better understanding with the others. Socialigence is immensely useful for personal and professional growth. Comprehensive courses help you to develop better social quotient and understanding with children, spouse, parents, social circle. & imbibe qualities like leadership, empathy, co operation etc. to succeed better.

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