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Design Trend Alert: Marble Everything

There are some things in life that create a subconscious visceral reaction. We don’t know why we respond to them that way. It must be some kind of internal programming from memories we’re unaware of. Often, it’s the result of repeated exposure under certain circumstances, so we come to automatically associate the thing with the feeling. Marble is one of these things, and it makes us think about luxury, class, and expensive taste.

Design Trend Alert: Marble Everything

Another spot where marble can do wonders is your indoor-outdoor area. If you have an alfresco kitchen or even a garage or deck converted for barbecue, embellish it with stone benches.

How to use dark marble in your kitchen design

A dark marble slab makes for a good kitchen countertop. It offers a good contrast to the wall paint and it can be installed to match the floor tiles.


How to use dark marble in your kitchen design

How to use dark marble in your kitchen design

For a unique design, dark marble tiles go well with most warm kitchen colour schemes. These tiles offer a subtle contrast that makes your kitchen stand out. There are numerous dark natural marble tiles in the market with exceptional appearances. Selection is based on price, colour, and personal preference.Once you choose the colour design the next step is to settle on the finish. A honed finish has the surface ground to be smooth, flat and consistent. Since marble has a natural shine, the polish is removed to leave a matte surface with minimal reflection. A honed finish is suited for surfaces that have a lot of foot traffic like the kitchen

These are some of the finest quality travertine tiles available in sydney at an unbelievable affordable price.

Looking after your marble tiles

Well, it may come as a shock to you, but maintenance of marble tiles is not as costly as many people tend to think. In fact it is quite affordable.

Designing Your Bathroom Around a Marble Basin

Marble basins are a great way to add a look of luxury and opulence to your bathroom. When designing your bathroom around a marble basin, it's a good idea to take a holistic approach.

The different effects from different sizes of tiles

The types of tiles range widely from ceramic tiles to marble tiles. Tiles are generally used to clad the elements of a building including the roof & floor.

Where we source our travertine pavers

At Marble Matters we offer first grade natural stone products from different parts of the world, we also work closely with our suppliers in the manufacturing of stone tiles and pavers. We have the ability to provide our customers pavers and tiles in a range of finishes from sandblasted and flamed to acid washed, honed, brushed and tumbled.

Travertine pavers have been used for centuries, and today our travertine pavers are an alternative stone to use in your patio, courtyard, outdoor kitchen, pathways and around your pool.

Marble options to consider in your 2019 home renovation

Marble itself is sophisticated and understated, but you can apply it in unusual ways that better reflect your character and style. Let�s dig into some 2019 trends in decorative stone interiors.

  • Marble Matters is committed to offering high quality, ethically purchased and responsibly manufactured natural stone products. Since 2002, we have built relationships with quarries and reliable operators worldwide enabling us to source and supply exclusive and premium stone to the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Islands’ markets. Over the last fourteen years we have continually strived to enable our business to be recognised as one that has built its reputation on integrity, trust and service to its customers while maintaining long term relationships with its overseas suppliers.

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