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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Reasons Why You Should Try Wildlife Photography - An Adventure Towards Fierce Cheetahs and Self-Discovery!
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Reasons Why You Should Try Wildlife Photography - An Adventure Towards Fierce Cheetahs and Self-Discovery!

Wildlife photography is no easy feat; it requires great photography skills, patience and knowledge about the wildlife. However, should you take it up, you wouldn't regret it.


It's an adventure!

An adventure doesn't have to be just be skydiving or bungee jumping; it could also be about waiting so still, heart in your mouth, behind a tree in front of a huge grizzly bear that is crawling by, to capture that perfect picture. It could be waking up before the dawn and finding the best spot, after having done many rehearsals and analyzing the best lighting spot, to capture a kingfisher plunging into the water for its morning catch. These moments you capture will forever stay still in your memory. Wildlife photography is not about that few seconds of an adrenaline rush but a much more fulfilling experience; there's nothing quite like it!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty lies everywhere; in the sparkling morning dews and mud splashes on white picket fences. It depends on how you choose to see it. Once you start seeing through the lens, it will be hard not to appreciate the beauty in the most mundane things; a tiger cub drinking milk or a lion pouncing on a deer, ripping it apart. You will learn to focus on these and appreciate the nature.


Help create awareness regarding endangered species

You are not just clicking away pictures for your satisfaction; you can also use these opportunities and pictures, to help create awareness about these animals. Not only will you learn, but you are spreading the message and these little actions can go a long way! You could possibly be a reason for a particular movement to be initiated. Wouldn't that bring you a better sense of fulfilment? You could literally be saving a small part of this beautiful planet; a little action could go a long way!


Satiate your wanderlust

You obviously can't expect to photograph wildlife by going to the park 4 blocks away! Your passion will get you to travel across the world; luxury exotic places to camping on a desert. Wildlife doesn't always point towards South Africa! The Middle East is also home to some indigenous and endangered species; like the Arabian Oryx heard or cheetahs. There are many an Abu Dhabi villa that is located in the city and its islands, which provide a great haven for wildlife photographers. One such sanctuary is the Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Sahel Villa Resort, where you are given the occasional opportunity to observe animals in their natural habitat.


It helps you be a better person!

There's a lot that goes on in the wild that will help you put things into perspective; you will become humbler and delighted with the world. You most certainly will also face many disappointments. But you learn to be patient and persevere through the hard times because you know the results will be worth it. You will apply this in your life too and every experience will help you grow. Self-discovery at its best.