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Updated by Tony Galaxidis on Jul 11, 2018
Headline for Keeping your tank clean over winter
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Keeping your tank clean over winter

Whether you have an in-ground tank or an above ground tank, you must keep it clean. Although tanks are good for water storage, they can also hold a lot of dirt. More often than not, water tanks become dirty due to sedimentation of dirt particles in the inlet water. If you are collecting rainwater into your tanks, there are many sources of dirt. As rainwater runs own the tiles, it carries with it all the dirt on the roof.

Keeping your tank clean over winter

Another way to prevent your water tank from getting dirty is to install devices that divert the ‘first flush' away from the tank. The roof, roof gutters and downpipes of a rainwater collection system are a source of dirt and debris.

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4 Tips for sump pump maintenance

4 Tips for sump pump maintenance

Start by checking the sump pit for any debris that could interface with your pump's operation. if there is an oil-slick on the surface of the water, the pump could be releasing coolant and may need replacement.

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