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How to Include Flowers in Your Beauty Ritual?

From scrubs, masks, cleanser, eye creams to bath soap, we invest a lot in taking care of our skin. But do you know that it is also possible to use flowers to keep skin smooth and glowing? For its aroma and natural ingredients, flowers have been used in perfumes, essential oils, and even medicine for ancient time. You can even use bulk dried flowers in a variety of homemade products because they often retain same beauty benefits that of fresh ones.



Rose petal scrub

Roses are one of the most doted flowers on the earth. Not only they look amazing, but also contain the benefits to transform your dull skin to rosy soft and supple.

Homemade formula to make rose petal scrub:

 Grind the dried rose petals in a food processor till they turn tiny flakes.
 Combine crushed petals + 2 cups sugar + 2/3 cup coconut oil + 6-10 drops of essential oil of your choice.
 Mix well and store it in an air-tight container.

Pamper your skin every day with this rose petal sugar scrub. Instead of rose, you can also use lavender, hibiscus or calendula.


Lavender cleanser

Do you not like the chemical formula of your face wash? If yes, then make a lavender cleanser at home as this flower contains soothing elements which relax your skin.

Homemade formula to make lavender cleanser:

 Take 1 cup boiling water and add 1 lemon peel + 6-8 fresh or dried lavender flowers + ½ tsp lavender essential oil.
 Add ¼ cup natural liquid soap + 2 tbsp almond oil + 2 tbsp honey
 Mix well and strain the content in a squeeze bottle.

Your perfect cleanser made of natural ingredients is ready.


Calendula healing toner

Calendula is widely known for great healing powers, and its oil has been used from ancient time for its medicinal properties. You can make a skin toner of this medicinal flower.

Here is the recipe:

 Take bulk flowers and dry them.
 Add dried calendula to boiling water and strain.
 Add 4-5 drops of essential oil + 1 teaspoon of aloe vera and mix properly.  
 Store this toner in the fridge.


Dandelion lotion bars

Are you fed up with your dry, patchy skin? If yes, you need the excellent benefits of dandelion as this flower helps in curing cracked, flaky skin.

Recipe of dandelion lotion bars:

 Make dandelion oil – Dry the dandelions completely. Take a jar and fill it halfway with dried dandelion flowers and rest with oil (sunflower oil, olive oil, sweet almond, avocado). Set the jar in a pan of warm water (not heated). Let is set for a week.
 Take equal parts of beeswax + shea butter + dandelion oil in a canning jar. Place the jar in simmering water until all contents melt and blend. Using a mold, given them a perfect shape.
Let it cool, and your dandelion lotion bars are ready to combat your dry skin.


Rose petal and mint lip scrub

The good properties of rose can be used in variety of ways.

Here is how you can make a lip balm out of it:

 Take dried rose (preferable red) petals in a food processor and chop them into fine pieces.
 Mix castor sugar + rose petals + 1 ½ tsp jojoba oil in a small bowl.
 Add a few drops of essential oil of your choice.
 Store them in jars and containers.

Believe us, this lip balm feels heaven on lips. It not only keeps your lips rosy soft but also give a nice scrub. A sweet fragrance of rose petals is a bonus. Apply it, and you will be ready for a pout selfie throughout the day.
Flowers, be they fresh or dried, often carry calming properties and leaves a gentle touch on our skin. No wonder why, they are one of the best ingredients for homemade beauty products.