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Fascinating Facts about Archery - To Help Channel your Inner Robin Hood!

Bows and arrows, in the ancient times, were used for daily hunting for meals. Nowadays, it is considered an exotic sport. Here are some interesting facts.


The History

Archery is considered to be one of the oldest sports in the world; it has been in use for more than 20,000 years! The Babylonians have been known to be the first to use Bows and arrows in 2340BC in a combat.


Language fact

Archery is derived from the Latin word "arcus" which means bow and arrows. An archer can also be called as a toxophilite; an amalgamation of 2 Greek words that translate into "lover of the bow".


Olympic Sport

Archery was included in the very first Olympic sports, though it was discontinued in 1924, it made a comeback in 1972 and is present till date. Live pigeons were used as targets during the 1900 summer Olympics! Did you also know that archery was the only women's sport in 1904? It was the only sport in the Olympics that women were able to participate in! We certainly have come a long way since then.


England's Dedication to the sport

Archery was the only sport allowed during several times in the history of Britain; particularly during King Henry VIII, who banned other sports like gold and football so that every man in the country would have no choice but to practice archery! Perhaps this was one reason as to how England was the first country to introduce and organize archery competitions in the 1500s. After all the bans and constant practising, it only makes sense to find out who the best ones were!


Its gaining popularity

Though it was once a popular past time, it is very rare that you would now come across someone who practices archery. However, thanks to certain popular TV shows, movies and books, archery has piqued the interests of many, leading to the opening of many training centres. Some hotels even provide archery lessons and or have shooting ranges to entertain their guests with this activity during their vacation. Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara is one such resort that one might want to visit while sightseeing in Abu Dhabi.


Bhutan still believes in Archery!

It is worth mentioning that Bhutan is the only country which considers archery to be its national sport and thus have shooting ranges in almost every village for everyone to practice! Good to know that they never gave up!


Types of Bows and Arrows

There are 3 types of bows naming the Long Bow, the Recurve Bow and the Compound Bow. Arrows are also of different types, especially as to the materials used in making them. In ancient times, they were made of wood. Currently, they are made of carbon and aluminium for a higher durability.


The Robin Hood move

If you have watched Robin Hood and paid attention to it, you will find that he splits the arrow of his competitor. To date, this move is called the Robin Hood shot and not may Archers are able to do this! In October 2014, a 15-year-old Archer named William Cashman pulled off this shot!