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Benefits of Horse Back Riding - There's More to it than being a Sport

There was a time when almost everyone was taught to ride a horse. In fact, it was one of the key modes of transportations. At present, it has become a recreational activity. Here's a list of benefits.


Balance, Coordination and great abs!

It isn't easy; there are many movements that occur simultaneously and it is important that the rider stays in tune with the horse's movements to ensure a stable ride. To maintain and make the horse stay balanced, the rider has to continuously be well coordinated to match the rhythm of the horse. Balance requires the rider's core; abdominal, pelvic and back muscles to work, therefore enhancing and toning your core- an area that is the toughest to tone!


Lightning Reflexes

It has already been established that coordination is vital. However, you must keep in mind that you are riding an animal and it has a mind of its own! You will have to constantly be aware and be able to match with its movements as quick as possible to stay on the saddle. With practice, you will improve and this will help you to have and apply better motor planning elsewhere too. Horse riding is one of the activities one could do while sightseeing in Abu Dhabi. If you are a beginner and would like to experience horseback riding with a guided rider, there are resorts, like Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Yamm Villa Resort, that provide exactly this. Everything is a learning curve, so don't hold back just because you have no experience!


Overall stronger muscles

Being seated on the horse in a stable manner is not as easy as sitting on the chair; it requires your muscles to be constantly working. The main muscle group that plays a role are the adductors, the core and pelvic muscles. The rider maintains a squat position while riding, which is the optimum position that allows the rider to adjust easily to the modulation of the horse, which itself helps the muscles with better flexibility and tone.



Apart from Yoga, horseback riding is also known to improve flexibility by decreasing the spasticity of the muscles, thus leading to an increased range of motions at the joints. Simply sitting astride a horse, help your extensor compartments of the leg to relax thus relieving spasms. Also, prior to getting on the saddle, it's important to stretch your muscle too.


Develop respect and love for animals

They are animals, and just like us, require a great deal of care. Even if you are riding a horse as a hobby, just before you do, you will inevitably find yourself bonding with the animal. They respond back and this mutual understanding helps both to build a good rapport, thus enhancing the experience of the rider.


It is fun!

All the technical things aside, there's no doubt that the whole experience is exhilarating and fun! Some even find horseback riding to relieve stress and benefit mentally. It can be a very peaceful experience and in addition to all the benefits mentioned above, this certainly trumps it all.