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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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10 Things You Can Only Find in Australia- Other than Kangaroos!

Australia is much more than Kangaroos and the Opera House. Here are some things you will only come across in Australia!


Koala bears

I mean, have you ever been to Australia if you haven't spotted one of these adorable, clingy koala bears and also proceed to buy the famous koala bear keychains?!


Giant spiders!

I am not trying to scare you off, but just letting you know that there are giant spiders. By using the adjective "giant", I am certainly not exaggerating; they can be twice as big as your palm! The huntsman spider is a species common to Australia and the only good thing about them is that they eat cockroaches and other insects! If you are going on a holiday, you are probably better off and at peace, if you choose to stay at any Australian hotels, especially a more commercial one like Oaks Hotels & Resorts- Corporate because they are usually far away from woodlands, and therefore, safe from creepy crawlies!


Tim Tams

To distract you from any imminent danger, Australia is famous for this chocolate coated biscuit bars. Did you know they get through about 45 million packets every year?! They come in a variety of flavours apart from the original, like salted caramel, nougat, mint and honeycomb



Taking after the British Marmite, vegemite is also made of yeast and is used to spread on toast. This is something you either love or hate; there's no in-between. But if you love it, do try making a grilled cheese sandwich with vegemite; the saltiness and bitterness of this are somewhat cut by the cheese and somehow makes the dish taste so much better. They also have vegemite latte if you are curious to try it out!



One might even proceed to call it hail rocks because they can be massive; the size of a golf ball. SO do watch out for the sky, and if you hear someone screaming "the sky is falling", don't question it!


Oh, Honey.

If you love organic, pure honey, then Australia is the place to get it from. They are known to be exporting honey to most countries and are ranked among the top 10 honey manufacturing countries!emphasized text


Bondi Beach

It is in Sydney, and though there are a 1000 beaches in the world, Bondi Beach is unique to Australia. It is one of the most famous beaches on earth and is filled with Baywatch like women and tanned surfers. Occasionally you can spot a great white shark or two.


The Australian Meat pie

Though being rumoured as Australian's national food, it is still quite the delicious dish. If you want to be more Australian, try the lamb meat pies with gravy.



Endemic to Australia, Emus are the second largest bird. They are flightless and can reach up to about 6feet by height; that is more than the height of an average man!



Yes, I did see 1o things apart from Kangaroos, but would a list be Australian enough without including these adorable creatures? Especially when they are indigenous to Australia! Do try to get a picture with one and convert it into a fridge magnet as proof you've been to Australia.

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