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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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10 Family Vacation Tips – Memories and Experiences matter more than Things and Material

Travelling with kids is never easy, from packing to planning to the journey; every step is a challenge. Listed are 10 tips on how to plan a successful family vacation.


Travel Light

Don't pack clothes for months if you're only planning to stay for days. Shedding the extra weight when packing will reduce the number of bags and the number of things you have to worry about when travelling.


Pack small bags into bigger bags

Rather than carrying several small bags, pack a small lightweight bag for each kid and put those small bags into a big bag. That way you avoid having to worry about several bags.


Rental cars

Unlike when you're travelling solo or as a couple where you can wing it from the airport, travelling with a family complicates things and the last thing you need is losing anyone in your family in an unknown country to start your vacation. Renting a car early to take you from the airport to your hotel will not only give you peace of mind but also good early bird rates.


Tip Money

Carrying around 40-50 dollars(USD) in one-dollar notes as tip money will come in handy whether it's for tipping the rental car driver, the bellhop or even the waiter at the bar. Having people remember you for your generosity will come in handy when you need all the help you can get to make sure everyone sticks together.


Enjoy every moment

Whether you're staying with friends and family or staying in luxury hotels in UAE halfway across the world similar to Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas make sure to enjoy every second and deepen your family bonds.


Pack Snacks

Packing your own snacks is always a good idea, especially for long flights it's always useful to have your own snacks rather than relying on the overpriced airport snacks or expensive in-flight meals.


Comfortable clothing

Airport security can get messy especially when you're travelling with more than one young kid, hence making sure they're dressed lightly and comfortably can save you lots of time and trouble.


Stay optimistic and be thankful

Not only do you have to worry about your kids when travelling, you also have to be worried about other travellers, flight attendants, waiters and support staff who aren't obliged to be supportive. The weather may not go your way and your kids might not be on their best behaviour no matter how much you talk to them. Keeping a level head and staying optimistic in challenging situations likes these and being thankful for even the smallest act of kindness can make all the difference in the world.


Put your phone on Do-not-disturb

Unless really needed, keep your phone in your pocket and live in the right now. A healthy break away from the fast-paced digital world will not only help you relax and find your centre, it'll also give you a chance to enjoy those precious moments with your family that you may never get again. So, do yourself a favour and disconnect yourself from the rest of the world and cherish every second you get to spend with your family.


A Theme song

Find a song that everyone likes and listen to it everywhere you go. Learn the lyrics, come up with your own silly dance that will tie the song to that vacation. Whenever your kids hear that song again they'll be instantly taken back to that vacation and all the happy memories tied to it.